Our best friends….

Our best friends….

It’s sad… Our pets are our best friends, yet so many times people share posts, pictures, and stories about how they misbehave. Sure, some of the poor behavior is funny, but for the most part, the pets are being shamed. I don’t know about you, but I think that is so sad…

Purina agrees with me!

To celebrate National Pet Month, Purina wants to celebrate our beloved pets by starting the trend of pet praising. They want people to share the awesome ways pets enhance our lives, how they make our days better, as well as the positive aspects of pet ownership.

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Purina is inviting pet owners to share their #PetPraising on Pure Love for Pets. Every pet praising photo submitted through the website from April 26th to May 24th has a chance to win the Pet Praising sweepstakes. The winner and their pet will participate in a professional photoshoot, which will be featured on Real Simple. The website also is a great resource for celebrating National Pet Month and learning about all the great new items Purina has to offer!

Lucy Cuddling

Lucy and I want to know how your pets make your life brighter….


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24 thoughts on “Our best friends….

  1. Miss Kiki always wakes me up with a face wash because she wants to make sure I look my best before getting out of bed. She used to leave a ponytail holder in bed for me too, but she outgrew that.

    1. Janine – I wish Lucy did that… Alex always woke us up. We have to wake Lucy up. She loves her beauty sleep

    1. Island cats – well, when she wants to be – which is about 75% less of the time than I want her to 🙂

    1. Meowmeowmans – Truth – I dont really like to cuddle but the mom loves it so I sacrifice xoxo Lucy

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