oh regrets, I have had a few…

oh regrets, I have had a few…

RobI met Robert De Niro on Valentine’s Day at an event for work. I introduced myself to him and shook his hand. I felt like I should have also pinched myself, hard, as he has always topped my “celebrity I want to meet” bucket list.

There was a cocktail reception that followed the presentation. Rob, as he was affectionately referred to by the speakers, attended for a very short time. Many people swarmed around him, all with the goal in mind to snag a picture, including one of my colleagues.  She kept encouraging me to join her.  But I didn’t.  I hung back, away from the crowd and away from him.  I don’t really know my motivation.  I guess I was a little (okay a lot) intimidated by his presence as well as cautious not to overstep my boundaries since it was a professional event.

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42 thoughts on “oh regrets, I have had a few…

  1. Wow, you are so lucky, he is one of my long time favorites as well. Funny thing, I probably would have stayed back and watched as well., and felt just empowered by his being there.

    1. Karen – It was really wild to see him in person…. and shake his hand, especially after all the years of watching him on TV and at the movies. It was a really cool feeling afterwards to just know we were in the same place…

  2. Never been intimidated by a celebrity before. Some of the biggest names I’ve met are Jude Law and Tom Hardy. Both were really nice. Hardy was even unsure about his acting talents. Go figure 🙂

    1. Vanessa – Unsure about his acting talents? Crazy! I need a little of you to rub off on me…. I need to stop getting intimidated.

    1. Inner Chick – I know! He is the God of Hollywood. I was afraid to say too much and that something like “are you talking to me?” would come flying out of my mouth!

  3. He’s a terrific actor, after all.

    Aside from living in a political town, where you frequently pass politicians you recognize, I haven’t run into anyone on that kind of scale. The only actor I’ve seen personally here was across the street doing a scene for a film, and that was an actor I don’t like, who usually does a sitcom I can’t stand.

    1. William – he is my favorite actor. Politicians don’t thrill me. I have no interest in meeting them! I have met a bunch of celebrities over the years, but he tops my list, then comes Katie Couric…. 🙂

  4. Regrets might not be so bad if we could just forget them. I hope you have another chance to meet him again. Perhaps a tweet to say who you were there. And that you couldn’t but wish now you had more than the handshake. I am sure he had his eye on you some. I WOULD !!
    He might arrange your invite to another party. ( fingers crossed for you 🙂 )

    1. Our daughter was at a reception with Tory Birch. Sort of same thing for her
      But like she said, it was nice to have met and exchanged greetings.

      1. Jim – Tory Birch? WOW! Another great person to meet. Your daughter is right. We should be thankful for the meet and greet – after all, most people don’t have the opportunity…

    2. Jim – oh mr. jim.. you know how to make a girl smile! Mrs. Jim is one lucky lady!!! *insert blush here* Another chance, or another party sure would be great, but not too likely 🙂

      and you are so right.. if only we could forget our regrets…

    1. Maggie mae & max – oh, guys.. thank you!!! You know how to make a girl smile. and you know what? I think you are pawswome too!

  5. Oh you know this fangirl is SQQQUEEEEEing her seat right now.
    I could not have stayed away. Just a simple hello and Thank you for sharing your talent with us would have been enough for me.

  6. Oh lordy, what an opportunity Hilary! But, in all fairness I’m quite the same as you in that regard. Giving personal space. Soooo cool that you got to shake his hand! 🙂

    1. Mike – I am glad you understand. I sometimes feel bad for celebrities who lose their personal space. I was once on a plane with an athlete (of course I didn’t recognize him) but other members of the plane did. THis guy and his son almost knocked 10 people over to run to get a picture and autograph. The athlete was so nice, but I felt sorry for him. All he wanted to do was de-plane

  7. That’s so cool, Hilary! He’s such a great actor.

    I had a job years ago where I worked with lots of celebrities, and found they are just “normal” people in one way … most are very nice and approachable, but a few, not so much.

  8. I would have been awestruck! I probably would have hung back in the corner of the room too. It must have been such an honor to hear him speak.

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