now enough is enough is enough

now enough is enough is enough

Hi!  It’s me… The Lucy!


And the time has finally come to put my foot down. Enough is enough already. My mom has me working like a DOG and I am a cat! I’ve been so busy helping spread the word that her book, DANGLED CARAT is on sale for just $0.99 She acts like I have nothing else to do but help HER!


Breaking news. I got lots of other stuff to do – bird watch, play with my toys, nap.. All this work is a real bummer so I quit!  With out me to help her she was in a pickle (and not the dill variety).  So I had the brilliant idea to have her do a giveaway… Take the work from me, help my mom share the sale and enter to win designer perfume. It is a win / win/ win!  Especially for me, The Lucy


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20 thoughts on “now enough is enough is enough

    1. Inner chick – Sure! Will you pay me in Fancy Feast & Dry food and not tell me I need to go on a diet? XOXO The Lucy

  1. Lucy, did you know that many shops in my country have a statue of cat as a ‘charm’ to promote sales? Somehow, your photos remind me of the ubiquitous cats called ‘maneki-neko’ in Japan.

    1. Romi – really? I had no idea. Wow! that is super cool. I guess my mom was on to something after all! XOXO Lucy

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