Not better with age….

Not better with age….

THE LOST BLOG POSTS – thanks to electronic spring cleaning I found numerous blog posts that I wrote but didn’t publish due to Hurricane Sandy and publishing / promoting Dangled Carat here is one of them…. 

“Let me see your nails,” I said to my mother, as my husband and I sat at her dining room table having lunch.  “I love the color,” I exclaimed.  It was a bright purple shade, and looked wonderful. “Remember when you only did your nails in muted pinks and beiges,” I reminisced.

nail polish

“Yeah,” She replied.  She smiled as she continued, “If not for your influence, I still would.”

“Do you like my green?” I asked her as I held out my hands.

“Very pretty,” she admired.

“I did them myself,” I announced proudly.  “I stopped going for manicures.”

“Really, why?”

“I don’t know.  They were taking so much time, and I could do them so easily myself.  Besides, why should I waste the money?”

“Makes sense.”

“Also, I figured by skipping weekly manicures I’d save over six thousand dollars a year!”

“How do you figure that?” She asked.  “That’s a lot of money.  Just how much were you paying for a manicure anyway?”

“With tip it was around twelve dollars a week, so for fifty two weeks, that is over six thousand dollars.” I explained.

“Huh?” she asked, looking totally confused.

I was about to explain again, when my husband, who I thought was ignoring our conversation chimed in.  “Hilary, twelve times fifty two is close to six hundred dollars not six thousand dollars.”

I bit my lip.  I redid the numbers in my head. “Oh, yeah, you are right.  I had the decimal point in the wrong place.”  I smirked. “Minor mistake.”

Then he turned to my mom and announced, “Loretta, meet your daughter and my wife, the accountant!”

When I first started working in accounting, I had to sum up entries in a phone book on an adding machine.  As my fingers got faster, my brain got slower. Has technology ruined any of your skill sets?

28 thoughts on “Not better with age….

  1. Imagine if you would tell the Aruba blackjack table story. But everyone should know, you really are very smart.

  2. OHHHH my goodness I did the phone book calculations as well! I did speed up my 10 key but I will admit (hanging my head down) I have to use the calculator to do simple math. I thank the CFO of the bank I worked for because I can’t do what I call dumb math now. LOL

    1. Timberlee – I love you did the phone book calculations too… And I feel better knowing I am not the only one who is calculator dependent as a result!

    1. Beth Ann – I am great if I can “see” the numbers… but in my head I never can remember the numbers and what I am adding…

    1. Rorybore – my handwriting stinks now too… And it used to be great. I also end up missing letters when I write…

  3. Hahaha – that’s a good one! In my head I spoke what your hubby was saying 🙂 ‘minor mistake – haha – just missed a zero at the end, right?!
    But you are so right, since we do everything, and I mean every thing, on our smart machines now, the gray mass in our head takes a back seat on ‘simple calculations’. Good on ya for being an accountant or CFO, but still telling this story. I like that.

    1. Claudia – HA… yea.. i have no issue sharing the bad and embarrassing about myself… But it is sad how many skills we have lost due to technology!

  4. Typing on a keyboard has ruined my art of handwriting, but I make it a priority when sending out my homemade cards.

    Math and I do not get along – EVER.

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