Never too late…

Never too late…

Two and a half hour, at least, was the amount of time I spent in my car every single day driving back and forth to my office. Well, driving was actually stretching what I did. I basically sat in my car and inched my way across Long Island in bumper to bumper traffic.  I’d be bored out of my mind. There was no pretty scenery to look at.  The droning radio, despite what I tried to listen too, never managed to entertain me enough to take my mind off my frustrating trip. By the time I reached my destination I was cranky, jittery, and sometimes even sick.


As a voracious reader I don’t why I never thought to listen to an audiobook during my commute, especially since so many people I knew loved audiobooks,  but it never dawned on me.  Then a  few weeks after we moved, and my commute became amazingly short, I began to work on making Plan Bea into an audiobook. As I listened to sample chapters, by the amazing and talented narrator Lisa Beacom, I started to kick myself. All these years I wasted complaining about traffic could have been spent devouring books instead!

I started to listened to the sample chapters while cleaning and organizing this construction zone I’m calling home. And I shocked myself!  I was blown away by how Lisa brought the characters to life.  Each one comes alive and their personality shines through.  She nailed Bea, I fell in love with Anna all over, and the kids… OMG! I got so hooked into the story, not only did I laugh, cry, get this place spick and span, I forgot I wrote the book!

Here, listen for yourself… And then enter to WIN an audiobook of Plan Bea!


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14 thoughts on “Never too late…

    1. Lisa – you are the best! Bea really does grow on you, doesn’t she? Now when I work on Plan Cee and Bea is around I hear her / your voice

  1. She has a great voice for narration!! Good pacing and lots of emotion when needed. A great idea for your books.
    I never thought to listen to books either – I suppose I was too busy concentrating on traffic in those days. My mind wanders too easily and I think that’s why I need the actual words in front of me, so that they are the only things I devour. 🙂

    1. Rorybore – thanks! I totally agree – she is terrific! I still enjoy reading a lot, but I totally see myself getting into audiobooks

  2. Bravo to Lisa!

    I think I’d probably have problems with an audiobook in a car- for the same reason I avoid too much talking on the radio in a car. I find voices distracting while driving, whereas music isn’t like that.

    1. William – I love listening to talk radio… But I know what you mean. Sometimes you get too into what they are talking about…

  3. I love Lisa’s voice in your book. I really don’t entertain myself while cleaning because I just get down and do it. No music or anything, I just get to work. I don’t really drive too much but when I do, I listen to the radio.

    1. Janine – thanks! I think she sounds great too! I sometimes just get down to it too and other times I need a little added boost 🙂

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