My new obsession

My new obsession

I knew it was inevitable. After all, it happens to everyone, eventually. Yet, I thought I had more time..

But as my mother loves to point out, I’m not twenty-five years old anymore. And while she’s correct, and even though her words hurt and make me feel twenty years past, I usually do a fairly good job of ignoring the facts. Until something dramatic happens…

Like not being able to button my favorite jeans, because there is a belly going on! There is no ignoring that! I tried sit-ups, crunches, and planks. They did nothing. Probably because they bored me out of my mind, so I gave the exercise a half-hearted attempt.

Then a friend suggested I try a weighted hula hoop, which I did. I’ve been using my 5lb pound hoop for five to twenty minutes a day for the last two weeks. My abs are looking better, and I dropped 5lbs too! Best part? It’s super fun!

8 thoughts on “My new obsession

    1. RoryBore – oddly, it is easier than a regular hula hoop. Even Marc was able to keep it on his hips

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