35 thoughts on “My new little town…

    1. Messymimi – yes. Between the marinas that I drive past and the country feel of the town it is very relaxing, but also close to a lot of stores & restaurants.

    1. Mandy – I want to spend some time there too. I took this shot at dinner. But I want to walk around and spend some time checking everything out

    1. Susi – Yep! Although being on Long Island it is pretty hard not to be somewhat close to some body of water…

  1. well I’ll be damned!!! You STILL have WATER you silly woman!!!! I see NOTHING wrong with THIS!! GORGEOUS and your home I am CERTAIN will be even more gorgeous! xoxo

    1. Caren – I know..I am a silly girl… I drive past the marinas every day. But we don’t actually live near the water. But oddly I am not missing it. I am actually enjoying having trees and grass (well grass sprouts and dirt)

  2. It’s so pretty!!! And it reminds me so much of my home town. We had a marina too and I loved to go down there and walk around all the boats. I can’t wait to see what adventures are ahead as you explore! 🙂

    1. Rorybore – I haven’t yet walked around during the day, but I want to. The marinas are so pretty

  3. You know I’d love to live near the water, a lot.
    We actually drove across LI the other week, taking a weekend trip to CT and back. We stopped in Greenport, which I loved, and then took the ferry. LI is very beautiful.

    1. Claudia – I know… There is nothing like being by the water. Although now we are living in a woody area (we do pass the marina on our way in and out of town) and I am finding the grass and trees equally beautiful and relaxing

    1. Inner chick – she LOVES her new house… She seems so happy. I was so worried she wouldn’t be

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