Mom Rules – And a $25 Starbucks Giveaway

Mom Rules – And a $25 Starbucks Giveaway

I have been the worst blogger… But I have a very good excuse!

When I started this blog around 2011 I had one goal… I wanted to create a platform to see so I could see if I had wherewithal to write regularly. For as far back as I could remember, I always dreamt I’d pen a book.

I didn’t have high hopes when I wrote my first post. I thought this blog and my goal of becoming a published author would go the way of all my other failed pursuits (knitting, playing piano, jogging) but I was wrong. I fell in love with the community I found and the blogger love I received propelled me to stop dreaming and start writing.

And now, well actually on July 14th, my 7th novel Mom Rules will be published! Mom Rules is currently available for preorder on all ebook retailers. And then in August, I will have a novella published as part of an eight author anthology.

To celebrate Mom Rules I am hosting a two week party on my author Facebook page where I am giving away a $25 Starbucks gift card. To join the fun and enter click HERE

About Mom Rules:

Donna Warren is not who everyone thinks she is….

It’s no secret – to survive in a superficial town like Forest River, New York, where perfection is a requirement –a mom must follow the rules.

For the past five years, Donna has worked hard to exceed social expectations. She held the prestigious role of PTA treasurer, and her best friend, Jackie, is the most powerful woman at the elementary school.

But in a town where most mothers earn their black belt in backstabbing before their offspring enter pre-k, something was bound to go wrong…

And it did. Now, her former bestie has become her mortal enemy and destroyed Donna’s reputation. Eagar to believe the rampant rumors, half the elementary school mommies think Donna is a drama queen and the rest believe she is a vindictive witch.

As she and her children’s social standing dangles on thin ice, Donna is willing to try anything to fix her mistake. Unfortunately, all her efforts backfire, and she makes everything worse. Just when Donna is about to give up, she receives some shocking news. Forced to face the most difficult situation of her life, will she finally become the woman she wants to be?

8 thoughts on “Mom Rules – And a $25 Starbucks Giveaway

  1. Although I am your mom and may be prejudiced but I think you are one terrific author & I love your books. I would only hope others feel the way I do about your writing. Keep up the good work as an author as you do in all your endeavors.

  2. Hilary,

    I’m not on Facebook much anymore but the other day I noticed Leslie shared something about your newest book and then I saw your review on Brian’s Home. That’s when I knew I needed to drop you a line just to say hello and way to go! It’s embarrassing how long it’s been since my last visit with you. *blush* Yeah, I’m horrible like that sometimes but I’m SO glad to see you’re doing incredibly well with your writing. I can’t believe you now have 7 books published. Mega congrats to, girlfriend! I hope things continue to go well for you. Enjoy your summer, stay safe, and well!!

    1. Hi Cathy!
      OMG – so nice to hear from you… I hope you are doing well, too. I’ve been so bad too. I really miss all my blogging buddies but there isn’t enough time in the day. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am in shock that I have written 7 books. I hope you have a great summer too!

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