Missing you… Still and always….

Missing you… Still and always….

Dear Alex,

My first feline love

Do you know what today is? I’m being silly. Of course you do. How could you not. Four years ago today you left us. You ran to the rainbow bridge an your hurting stopped.

You knew it was time.  you told me and your dad.  LOUDLY.  We didn’t want to listen at first, but we hated to see you suffer.  You were such a strong tough man.  You fought a good fight, right until the end.

You changed me in many ways. I find it shocking now, until I met you, I hated cats. You taught me how important it is to be resilient. I always think of how right after your tail was amputated you started to wag your little stumpy.  You weren’t going to let a missing tail stop you!

A lot has happened in the four years you have been gone.  We survived a devastating hurricane. We adopted your sister, Lucy.  And most recently we moved, and left the beach.

When we decided to move, the hardest part for your daddy and me was leaving your memories behind.  We saw you everywhere.  Especially your “recovery room”, the room we said our final goodbye.  But as Grandma told me over and over, you take your memories with you.  And she was right.

It’s funny. The day after we closed on the new house I brought your sign with us. I hung it in our new garage.Alex and his signs 008
And from that day forward, I felt your presence there.  Each day we stayed at the beach and worked on our new home, I felt your presence grow weaker at the beach house and stronger at the new house.  Even though you have never set foot inside this home, I know you are her with us, and with Lucy.

Over the past few years on “Alex Day” your dad and I have done something special.  One year we were able to see your favorite, James Taylor perform.  Another year we saw an intimate show with Sheryl Crow.  Today we are going “home” to the beach.  And even though it is no longer our house, we will be sending you love from both your homes.

Keep running free, sweet boy. And know you will always be loved and missed.

outside hanging 007



32 thoughts on “Missing you… Still and always….

    1. Brian – Make sure that Gracie knows how much Alex misses her and how part of him is always with her

  1. That was beautiful. We lost our darling cat Darcy in February after nearly 19 yrs together. We still feel guilty that we let him go too soon.
    Hope Alex & Darcy are running free & rolling in the grass.

    Thinking of you and Alex’s Daddy
    With love
    Mary, Dylan and Glen (Darcy’s mummy, daddy and brother) xx

    1. Mary – hugs to you. I know Alex and Darcy are running free together smiling down at us all. 19 years is a very long time, but you always want more time…

  2. Sometimes I think losing one of our pets is harder than losing a human. I know it was that way when I lost my Nani. Last month was 4 years for her too and it’s still hard. I celebrated her birthday last Sunday because I feel she is still here with us, just as your Alex is with you still. I love this quote and it’s very fitting “you take your memories with you”. Memories will remain forever.

    1. Janine – I am sorry about Nani… it is so hard to say goodbye to pets. All they give you is unconditional love. No human does that,

    1. Florida Fur Kids – you are so right. I know he is always with me… i feel his presence a lot

  3. I LOVE how you have “Alex Day” to honor his passing, I think that is beautiful! Going to the beach is purrfect ! Sending you (((hugs))) and love. It’s so hard to believe it has been FOUR years already. I remember that day so vividly. Love that last photo, I don’t recall ever having seen it. xoxo BTW Alex is STILL hanging by my kitchen sink (on the cupboard) will never take that down

    1. Caren – I love “alex day” too… I remember the day so vividly as well, including writing you an email early in the AM – unfortunately I never got to finish it until hours later

  4. So sweet. A few days ago an old pic popped up on FB, a little Ashley with Macy and Gracie… Made me tear up a little. So strange that we only have Finn left. She’s getting all the attention now. xoxo

  5. Oh, your book made me cry yesterday, and now this! As I sit with our cat, Monkey on the couch, I have a heavy heart for your loss of Alex. Starting your next book tonight!

    1. Jen – thank you.. I am sorry about the tears though… It is so hard to lose a pet. Give Monkey a hug for me.

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