Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The day after I did the Brazilian Keratin treatment on my hair, I decided to do a major cooking. I knew that due to the procedure, I wasn’t going to be able to put my long hair in a ponytail or behind my ears. So, to keep my hair away from my face, and the food, I decided to put on a bright orange, college hooded sweat shirt, so I could tuck my hair inside the hood.

As I pulled out the pots and pans to make my vat of turkey meat sauce and black bean soup, I was very happy with my creative solution.

However, as I began to brown the meat for the sauce, I realized that my plan was not as good as it first appeared. The hood wasn’t doing anything to hold my hair back. Instead, my hair kept flying out of the hood and into my eyes.

I ran upstairs and grabbed an old, pink scarf. Being cautious not to twist or bend my hair, I tied the scarf around my head like a kerchief. Success!

Then, it was time to chop the onions. Ever since I had Lasik to correct my vision, about five years ago, my eyes became very sensitive. To avoid crying when chopping onions, I always wear oversized sunglasses. As I put on the glasses, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Between the kerchief and the glasses, I was quite the sight. Actually, that is an understatement. Horrific looking was more accurate.

Always needing to share, I left the kitchen to find my husband, Marc, who was busy remolding the basement stairs. I called out, “Take at the girl you married! Scary, isn’t it?”


Marc, being the amazing man that he is, knew better then to answer the question. However, he did ask, “Who are you? And what did you do with my wife?”
While I may have looked disgusting, at least the food turned out looking and tasting delicious….

Ah… the price we pay for beauty and good food.

31 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall

  1. Visiting from ICLW. The food does look amazing and you had quite the attire to cook in. I also love your kitchen and wish we had nice countertops in ours. I worked at a ski resort as a prep cook for 2 winters and found out that ski goggles work great for chopping onions. That would look really great with the scarf and sweatshirt. We live near Syracuse, NY so orange is always a welcomed color around here.

  2. Thanks! I love having the natural light there too! We have a lot of windows in the kitchen, but until last year, they were blocked by big trees. I am so glad we removed them….

  3. Thanks so much!!!! Not everyone can be so stylish when they cook, right? 🙂 You are GOOD recognizing the Syracuse orange sweat shirt! WOW, I am impressed! The ski goggles is a great idea… I have to try a pair… Not only will it help me cook, it would complete my outfits!

  4. He really does, and he is a good sport to take pictures for the outfit "reenactment". You should have seen his face when I came down to the kitchen in this get up for the second time 🙂

  5. Hahahaha! That's one wild look! I think it will start a trend for au couture in the kitchen :O

  6. I LOVE that photo – I think you could be setting a new fashion trend!
    Whenever I'm cooking a roast or frying anything, I always wear a wooly hat that covers my hair because I can't bear it smelling of cooking oil!

    You and me, girl, we'll change the world! 🙂

  7. I know…. It is amazing how hard we work to make ourselves, er… our food look good. And, how bad we sometimes have to make ourselves look to get the desired results 🙂 Thank you so much for the award! You are so sweet!!!

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