Men are from Mars, Women Venus….

Men are from Mars, Women Venus….

“So do you like it?” I asked my husband, Marc, as I entered our hotel room and held up the skirt that I just purchased while shopping in San Francisco with my friend.


He rolled his eyes and replied, “Not really.”


“Pfft!  What do you know anyway?” I replied as I carefully folded it and put it in my carry-on.  “I love it and so does Ellie!”


The skirt hung in my closet for weeks.  Finally, I decided to wear it to work. I was already dressed and just finishing flat-ironing my hair when Marc entered the closet.  I stood up and slowly twirled around for him.  “I love this skirt!” I exclaimed.


Again, he rolled his eyes.  “I know you do,” he answered with a smirk.


“You don’t?”


“No, not at all.”




“Because it looks like an old lady skirt….”


It was my turn to roll my eyes at him.  I wore it to work and the funniest thing happened – the girls loved it and the men hated it!


What do men know about fashion anyway?


Did this ever happen to you?  Do you have any articles of clothes that are “girl only”?

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  1. Men know nothing abut fashion.

    I would never dare ask my hubby that question in the first place. He of tradesman shorts and work boots believes clothes should be functional only, not attractive.

  2. Sorry, Hilary I can honestly say that I probably do not have anything in my closet that is ‘girls only.’ Thanks for the invite to co-host Four Fill In next week. I am looking forward to it.

  3. That’s too funny. I have this skirt that I got a long, long time ago. It’s long and very light weight perfect for Florida summers. I don’t wear it often but when I do Sweetheart always makes a snarky comment. He’s called it a dish towel and curtain… Yeah, what do men know anyways!!! 🙂

    1. Susi – what is wrong with our boys???? I can so picture sweetheart saying that (and Marc saying it too)… what do men know? NOTHING! (except for maybe Dana’s husband!) He seems like a good one…

    1. Missabeth – first, you are not old! Second – as for what he was thinking…. seriously, he is clueless – good thing he is cute!

  4. My hubby started watching “What not to wear” with my daughter and I so he has great taste in clothes and often helps me pick out new ones. My BIL actually buys all of my sister’s clothes. So MEN can be Trained!!

    1. Judy – yeah, I guess they can be trained, but it seems like so much work…. Your hubby and BIL sound like two very good men!

  5. I learned long ago not to ask questions like that of my husband and he does have good taste in women’s clothes (not in mens though, unless slob is a style)… I think and old lady would be afraid to wear it because it shows too much leg. It is a really cute skirt!

  6. —Oooo, this was awesome!

    you know what? The only men who usually know about fashion are gay…

    Love the skirt, but not the purse connected to it :)))) don’t be mad at me. Xxxx

    1. Kim – really? you don’t love the purse – that is my favorite part – but mad at you? Never! And I do agree about the men… XOXO

  7. Love the skirt is sooo cute and actually the only ones who are looking are women men aren’t saying “wow did you see the color of that skirt”
    no but us women are, we really are dressing to impress each other and sometimes we get lucky and get the man to compliment.
    Happy SWS

    1. Janice – I agree – we dress for each other, and we notice things like the color of the skirt, the fabric it is made of and the details like the little change purse….

  8. I have to confess that I don’t really want my man to know anything about fashion……especially womans’ fashion. It just wouldn’t suit him, you know? Quite frankly, the only thing I want him to know about my clothes..is how to get me out of them!! haha 😉

    But of course, being a woman – I completely ADORE your skirt.

  9. I’m reminded of this every single day that I live with my husband and 3 sons – even though my sons are still children and not men yet. 😉 {lol} Happy 6WS! 🙂

  10. Really, men just don’t get it. If your tits aren’t half showing they have no interest. But it only matters if YOU like it! I gave up years ago showing my husband my clothes purchases because I got sick of the half ass attempts at being nice and trying not to hurt my feelings. So I just don’t show him anymore. If you like, that’s all that counts!

    1. Irene – you are so right… If you like what you wear and are comfortable in it that is really all that matters….

    1. Janet – I know! I can see him not liking the fabric – or even the purse – but calling it an old lady skirt??? seriously???

  11. My military husband has worn a uniform for the past 20 plus years! I don’t ask his opinion and he doesn’t say much except Christmas Eve I had on patent leather (I love patent leather). He told me he doesn’t like shiny shoes. Funny, since he is always shining his:)

    I love the skirt. My favorite part is the little purse!

    1. Amy – since he doesn’t say much that makes his christmas eve comment even more annoying! MEN! I love patent leather too! THe purse is my favorite part too – It really opens!

    1. Sarah – thanks! I know, I shouldn’t have asked him, but we were in a tiny hotel room when I brought it home, and I loved it so much (as did my friend who went shopping with me) I never would have imagined he wouldn’t have loved it too!

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