Men and Cats….

Men and Cats….

Well, for anyone who knows me (well really knows me) you know that me and calendars simply do not get along. Thank goodness I have a good memory and can remember most important dates, appointments and meetings in my head. Because if I had to rely on a calendar I would be completely messed up. I don’ know why I struggle so much with calendars.  They are simple after all.  And there are so many options – paper, computer, and phone.  My husband has taken it upon himself to set up calendar events for me so I just have to accept his email and they go into my phone.  But even with his help I still can’t keep things straight. I show up at doctor’s appointments a day early or have the appointment logged into my phone twice. But there is one calendar that I think I would be able to handle.  Well, maybe it would be better put if I said there is one calendar I would love using… The 2016 Purina Pro Plan Men and Cats Calendar…Calendar-Cover

StT. LOUIS (November 10, 2015) – After setting out to shred perceptions of traditional cat food and the people who typically love cats, Purina Pro Plan is proud to announce the winners of its #MenAndCatsContest. To celebrate the launch of Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend, cat lovers were asked to share a photo of an extraordinary man and his cat on Instagram or Twitter. These 11 winners best captured the relationship between man and cat and will represent each month of the 2016 Extraordinary Men and Cats Calendar, along with proud cat guy and “Devious Maids” actor Gilles Marini.

The calendars will be donated as a fundraising initiative to Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue, a network of hundreds of small rescue groups nationwide, allowing them to raise money for their organizations as they work to give all cats the love, care and forever homes they deserve.

  • January – Gilles Marini and Penelope
  • February – James Petix and Fin, Los Angeles, Calif.
  • March – Joel Smallbone and Adelina, Franklin, Tenn.
  • April – James Benedict and Mr. Eggs, Thomasville, Ga.
  • May – John Zeigler and George, Tumwater, Wash.
  • June – Matthew Eagan and Inny, Placerville, Calif.
  • July – Peter Mikhail and Luna, Wesley Chapel, Fla.
  • August – Chris Nguyen and Kuma, Rahway, N.J.
  • September –Tyler Smith and Moose, Smith Bottom, N.J.
  • October – Santino Nava and Tesla, Tacoma, Wash.
  • November – Dwayne Molock (@iAmMoshow) and Sushi, Tali & Megamam, Portland, Ore.
  • December – Jon Lorentz and Beamer, Orange County, Calif.

The winners will also receive a year supply of Purina Pro Plan’s new Savor Shredded Blend, an all-new mealtime experience that combines crunchy kibble and tender meaty shreds to provide both extraordinary nutrition and exceptional taste.

To buy the 2016 Purina Pro Plan Extraordinary Men and Cats Calendar, visit proplan.com/rally-to-rescue to find a rescue group near you. BUT THANKS TO MY FRIENDS AT PURINA I HAVE TWO CALENDARS TO GIVE AWAY!
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About Purina Pro Plan Cat food

Purina Pro Plan Cat understands that every cat is different in her own, wonderful way. That’s why Purina Pro Plan has a wide range of dry and wet cat foods and snacks, sold exclusively at pet specialty stores. In three unique nutritional platforms – Savor, True Nature and Focus –each formula is designed to provide advanced nutrition to help bring out the best in your cat. For more information, visit www.proplan.com/cat.

About Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue

Rally to Rescue is a partnership of Purina Pro Plan and select pet rescue organizations across the country who give adoptable pets the care they need and the loving homes they deserve. Since 2005, the brand has helped small rescue groups by providing Purina Pro Plan nutrition, promotional support, marketing materials and networking opportunities. To learn more about the Purina Pro Plan Rally to Rescue network, visit www.proplan.com/rally-to-rescue.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rallytorescue.

About Nestlé Purina

Nestlé Purina PetCare Company is a global leader in the pet care industry. Nestlé Purina PetCare promotes responsible pet care, community involvement and the positive bond between people and their pets. A premiere global manufacturer of pet products, Nestlé Purina PetCare is part of Swiss-based Nestlé S.A., a global leader in nutrition, health and wellness.

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27 thoughts on “Men and Cats….

  1. I love the idea of this calendar. I do rely on calendars because I have a bad memory. I have no idea how to post a picture of my husband and one of our cats on here or I would.

        1. Bottle feeding is one thing I always wanted to do. That was one of the main reasons I volunteered at the rescue. I don’t have children and my cats are grown up. I needed something to help me feel needed by someone. The day he got adopted, i went with my friend to drop him off. We both cried when we left Joel’s new daddy’s home. We wer happy he had a home, but we both feel so in love with him.

          1. Janine – I can only imagine the mix of emotions… It must be great to know he found a forever home but sad to say goodbye…

    1. Emily – now that you mention it – I am not sure it is even possible. Reason #3458 why I shouldn’t blog before I am fully caffeinated…

  2. Maybe I should do a calendar with just me and a bunch of different men! Except I don’t have any prizes to give them except maybe a headbutt.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Real men do love cats..My husband is the cat whisper. He can get the 2 boys to do just about anything he wants them to. I’d really love this calendar, I really like Gilles Marini. Thanks for the giveaway.

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