Lucy’s new best friend…

Lucy’s new best friend…

Fun fact – I am an overgrown kid…. And when there is snow I play! On Monday, New York was clobbered with the white stuff. I actually don’t remember ever experiencing such a large storm. First I built a snowwoman (Estelle). But like me, she needed a cat. And Lucy, sick of all the time home with only Marc and me, embraced her new friend. She spent hours at the window staring and meowing at the snowcat…

All joking aside, Lucy has been doing great. She’s one happy creature who love the quarantine life. During this past year of isolation, she’s become more loving and happy. It also could be a result of her age. Can you believe, Lucy turned eight in December?

Tell me – how have you and your pets have been handling the quarantine life?

15 thoughts on “Lucy’s new best friend…

  1. I’m glad Lucy is doing good and it sure is hard to believe that sweetie will be eight. We like having our Mom and Dad home all the time, even though they are both retired they don’t go out much and we’re enjoying that.

    1. Hi Brian!
      I can’t believe she’s eight either. It feels like yesterday we brought her home… I am glad you are all enjoying mom and dad home more….

  2. Now that we are home all day the cats (and the dog) have thrived. behavior issues have disappeared and they are Happy! I am finding that after a year I am tired of the same 4 walls. And being in Canada, it looks like we won’t get the vaccinations until August, so I have another 6 months before I can visit family. Have a marvellously Happy Day!

    1. I was on the phone with my niece who lives in Canada and she was saying how slow the roll out was there…Sorry. I hear you about being tired of the same four walls (and the same meals I cook). Not being able to see family though is the hardest part. My mom lives in FL and I haven’t seen her in over a year…

    1. Ellen – she loves having her servants available for her every beck and call – although she is still sore she doesn’t get lunch…

    1. Julie – thanks! I had way too much fun playing in the snow this year… We aren’t fully locked down either. We both go to work a few times a week. When we gear up to leave lucy looks at us with sad eyes as to say really????

  3. I’m glad Lucy is doing well! I love having my human home even more than usual – which was already a lot since she works at home anyway!

    Nice seeing you!

  4. Lucy should come play in the snow with Nugget – she loves it. Except when it passes minus 20 up here lol. I think Nugget is enjoying quarantine quite a bit – since she is still just a kitten and there is always someone around to play with. She really loves fetch and take me down off the dining table again (that game goes All Day lol)

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