Hate Love Relationship

Hate Love Relationship

“Oh my God, you have to try these olives,” I said to my husband, Marc, as we sat in the new Portuguese restaurant by my house for the very first time.


“What?  You are kidding, right?” Marc asked me while looking at me as if I lost my mind.  “You know I hate olives.”


“I know, but these are amazing!  You are going to love them!”


“No… I…. won’t,” Marc replied slowly and deliberately.  “I hate olives.”


“But, these don’t even taste like olives. Look at all the garlic they are marinated in, you are going to love them!”


“I don’t understand?” Marc replied as he took a much needed sip of sangria.  “What part of I hate olives do you not understand?”


“I get that you don’t like olives, but these are so garlicky.  And you LOVE garlic!  Trust me.  You will love them!”


“Garlic aside, they are olives right?” Marc asked.


“Right, but…”


“No but.  An olive is an olive.  And I hate olives!”


Now, I took a much needed sip of sangria. “Come on!  Explore new horizons. Trust me.  Try it.  I guarantee you will love them.”


Before I could continue, Marc interrupted, “If I don’t try one, you are going to keep trying to get me to eat one, aren’t you?”


Smugly, I nodded my head and answered, “Yep!”


“Ok, so, if I try an olive, we will be done with this conversation and will get on with our evening?”


“Yes!” I excitedly answered.


“Fine!” Marc answered as he slowly reached for an olive.  He grimaced as he put the olive in his mouth, but as he chewed, a smile slowly spread upon his face.  “Wow, you are right!  These are great!”  He reached for another olive, and smiled, “They don’t even taste like olives.”


I couldn’t help it.  I had to reply, “I told you so!” And, as I did, Marc reached for yet another olive.  By the end of the night, Marc ate more olives than he would ever have dreamed of, and ever since, he continues to eat them…. 


Have you ever tried a food you previously hated to learn that you now love it?

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  1. LOL! I was so sure this conversation was going to end up with “nope, still hate olives.” I’m glad it didn’t, and congrats on the win! (I wandered here from BlogHer.)

    1. Virginia – thanks so much for wandering over and telling me how you got here… I always wonder 🙂 I kind of thought that he would have told me he still hates olives too, but deep down, I knew the garlic would get him. (poor me – I never met someone who likes garlic so much!) 🙂

  2. Yes, I thought this would end up as Marc still hating olives too. LOL. I’m not fond of green olives, not that I’ve tried many kinds, but I do like more of the black varieties.

    -The Mom

  3. This is BEYOND timely! I am making Mediterranean turkey in the crock pot as we speak and I have been telling my husband that I think I am going to hate it because it has crushed Kalamara (sp?) olives in it and I HATE THOSE KIND OF OLIVES! I like black olives but not the Greek ones!

    I put a ton of garlic in (more than the recipe called for) so I am hoping that I am like Marc and that I will love this turkey w/all of these olives!!!

    1. Caren – you are a brave lady…. I probably would have skipped them and put them on the side (back in the days when Marc hated olives too). But, I don’t think that you will even taste them, especially if they are crushed… At least that is what I am hoping. Either way, this recipe sounds great and something up my alley. Can you share??? Also, I think it is from being married to marc – no one loves garlic more than him, I dont think you can ever put in too much garlic 🙂 Let me know how it comes…

      1. Hilary OMG!!!!!! In all of the years I have been cooking I think I have ruined (or hated) TWO meals and this was one of them!! We are throwing the entire breast out. It was awful!!! I even threw the recipe out! I should have done exactly what you said and put the olives on the side. Trust me it was AWFUL!!!!! If it wasn’t covered in the garbage w/stuff on it I would take it out and type it up for you but I don’t think you are missing anything!!! My husband hated it too. Thankfully we had had veggie burgers for dinner and we just tasted the turkey when it was done in the crockpot. I hate to throw food out but this is hitting the road! Sorry!

        1. Caren – sorry…. There is nothing worse than cooking and having to throw the food out… not only the waste of the food, the waste of time & energy….. Was it the olive taste you guys hated so much or just the general dish… Nevermind, no need to relive bad memories… Glad you had a spare dinner…Poor you… I love how you hated it so much you tossed the recipe too! You crack me up!

  4. I never ever used to like olives and would just cry if my mum cooked my dinner with some in them!! These days I LOVE LOVE LOVE olives – the more garlicky the better!! Weird!! Yay for olives! Take care

    1. Old kitty – yay for olives! I was the same way as a kid with bananas as you were with olives. I once pitched such a fit because a cake we ordered out had banana in it. I was with my dad who never met a cake he didn’t like, and I carried on so much, even he couldn’t eat the cake!

    1. Irene – they are great.. but I don’t know if they have any name. THey are basically just marinated in olive oil & garlic with maybe a bit of parsley… yum!

    1. Abby – I was kind of afraid of that happening too.. after he gave in, before he swallowed, I did worry I went too far… so glad he loved them though!

  5. Yes! And it’s always something my husband makes me try and I whine like a baby that I’m not going to like it. Finally, after years, I stopped being defiant and instead I just try everything one time, then if I don’t like it I make a stink about it. Haha, I just can’t allow myself to be wrong!

  6. I love Olives! I never understood how anyone could not? It’s good thing you persisted or Mark would have never known what he was missing!

    If there is one food I loathed as a child was roast beef. My mother always made it to dry. I rediscovered it when I was older and now love it!

    1. Darcie – I know… I love olives too. They are so yummy… it always drove me a little crazy that marc hated them as much as he did, but, at least now he doesn’t! It sounds like your mom made roast beef the way my mom made ALL meat. I HATED meat as a kid (even burgers) because my parents LOVED well, well, well done meat. UGH – so dry and tastless… It wasn’t until I tried medium meat, i realized it wasn’t horrible. Now I am a rare, medium rare girl all the way!

  7. Too funny! When I first met my husband, I didn’t like olives, but now I eat them all the time on everything – salads, pizza, sandwiches, etc. I also didn’t like Thai food, but now I love it!


    P.S: Pip LOVES olives!

    1. Pip loves olives? I love it! I can just picture him eating one… Isn’t it amazing how our tastes change? I never ate lamb chops before I met marc either (oh and salmon & bananas too)

    1. Cathy – I know.. Olives are so yummy.. I have no idea why he “hates” them so much…. But, we are making progress… He is loving the black ones now. He will have a green in a martini. I just have to focus on the brown / greek ones and I got myself a grand slam!

    1. Christina – I feel the same way… how do you know you don’t like something until you try it? And besides, even if you “hate” something, as we grow, our tastes change… everything is always worth another try, I think…

  8. Well….. It just so happens that I just recently developed a taste for olives 😉

    I’ve always hated olives – nasty slimy things – but I accidentally had some black olives on a tuna fish sandwich and I LOVED them!!! Now I put them on my tuna all the time. But that’s as far as I’ve gotten……

    1. Donna – that is progress…. I always loved them, but it is funny how so many times we realize our tastes change when we accidentally eat something?

  9. I try with white fish all the time. I try! But it still….tastes…like….fish!

    Wish I could have tried them olives, cause I don’t like olives either!


    1. Melina – I wish you could try those olives too, because they might have just converted you to an olive liker too! As for the white fish, that is a hard one.. not only is it fishy, if you don’t like fish too much it is sooooo salty… I like it, but regret eating it every time!

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