Love at first sight….

Love at first sight….

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I do….

It happened to me. I fell in love with this face the very first time I saw her on the Internet….


It was January of 2013. My home was finally almost put back together after Mother Nature and Superstorm Sandy ravished it. My heart was finally mending after having to say goodbye to my sweet and brave tailless wonder cat, Alex, who lost his battle earlier in the summer.

Life began to return to the new normal for me, but something was missing… I needed a pet to love. I started searching online. I went to two shelters. I couldn’t decide if it really was time. Maybe it too soon to open my heart up again?

And then I saw this family and I knew the answer! Every kitten in the liter was beyond adorable. But there was one in particular; she was called Mia, who made my heart melt.


I knew getting my husband on board with my plan wouldn’t be easy. Although Alex ended up adopting me, Alex was his cat. The two men went through a lot together and I knew my husband wasn’t quite ready. But I feared if I didn’t take matters into my own hands, he’d never be ready…

I had my plan worked out perfectly in my head. I was going to go to the home of the woman fostering the kittens and their mom, take a picture of Mia and text it to my husband with a note “will you be my Daddy?” How could he refuse that?

But you know what they say about the best plans… I made the mistake of telling him where I was going. He tried hard to convince me it was too soon, that he wasn’t ready. I refused to listen. And then he insisted on coming along with me.

He crabbed and complained the entire time we drove. I wanted to kick him and myself. But I went with it. The kittens were even cuter then there picture. Their mom was super sweet, and their foster mother was a doll. I was in heaven as I played with them, and just as I expected Mia was my favorite.

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My husband melted too. And when he told me to pick the one I wanted I didn’t have to think twice. I picked up Mia, kissed her head, and said, “this one.” She smacked me in response.


Mia is now Lucy. And she still likes to smack me! She was too young to go home with us right away. She had to stay in foster care a little while longer, until February 15, 2013.

I can’t believe three years have passed since we brought her home. She is such a sweet and happy cat who is smothered with love. And when I look at her I can’t believe what could have been….


Lucy and her siblings were born in a kill shelter. Lucy’s foster mother believed the momma cat was someone’s pet and who was dumped when she was about to give birth. Lucy and her entire family were destined to die! Thankfully Long Beach Humane Society rescued them when Lucy was three days old. Lucy’s family, including her mom, all found loving forever homes. I love to say rescued is my favorite breed. I also love that when you rescue a cat you actually save two lives. The life of the animal you adopt and the life of another animal that has an opportunity get adopted because they get the newly emptied spot at a no kill shelter.


Happy Gotcha Day, Lucy. I love you!

59 thoughts on “Love at first sight….

  1. Happy adoption day Miss Lucy! I fall in love with her sweet face every time I see her. She is definitely the cutest kitten I have ever seen and an even more beautiful adult.

  2. Lucy was lucky that you and Marc found her and that she was rescued by a humane society. I’m so with you on adopting and rescuing pets from a shelter and not paying thousands of dollars for a designer pet.

    1. Susi – I know. it breaks my heart that there are designer pets being breed when there are so many animals losing their lives…

  3. Sweet story. My Mr. Chance is a rescue who wandered into my yard and life at six weeks of age in the hands of a teenage girl who’s parents told her to get rid of him. He thinks he rescued us! I think so too.

  4. Three years wow where does the time go Lucy?
    Happy Gotcha.
    Yes our Momma believes in love at first sight too.
    She remembers and always will the moment she laid eyes on Abby.
    It was a good thing it was love at first sight for Mom because Abby was a hard nut to crack.
    She made Momma earn every bit of her trust, but Mom knows now that Abby had been through some rough times with humans and had trouble with the trust issue. IN the end, Abby gave all of her trust and love to Momma and the rest they say is history.

    1. Annabelle – Give your mom a hug for me. Abby was so much like Alex. When you finally earned their love you felt so loved!

  5. HIlary, how could anyone not fall in love with that sweet face! I wish everyone would get their pets at shelters and save these dear animals. We are particularly fond of what we call “orange stripey” cats, so we’d probably have adopted Lucy’s mom.

    1. Jean- I wish everyone adopted too. It breaks my heart that so many animals have to be put to sleep each year. Lucy’s mom was beautiful, as were here two orange brothers…. Such a sweet family!

  6. I couldn’t resist commenting on this post. Lucy (aka Mia) was such a darling kitten and now a beautiful cat. You all got lucky when you found each other. May you have many more happy days to come.

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