Last time

Last time

Hey Guys!


It’s me… The Lucy!  And this is the last time I am doing it…. After today, The Mommy is on her own!  No ifs ands or buts, and I mean it! I am going to be kicking back and taking a load off my paws.  I am no longer going to be at her disposal.  Just because I have a pretty face doesn’t give her the right to take advantage of my good nature.  She has been working me like a dog!  And I am a cat.


Do you hear me?

The madness has to stop!  Now don’t get me wrong, after the last time I complained, my compensation package improved, ever so slightly… But ever so slightly was the key word.  She took my resignation in stride, I got to give her that. She tried to get me to change my mind, but I held my ground. I didn’t budge.  But I did agree to one last assignment and here it is….

PLAN BEA is on SALE for just $0.99 and today is the last day to snag the bargain….

Plan Bea

Could falling in love allow a cold, stubborn, and selfish woman to open her heart back up to her family? 

Beatrice Buchanan has spent more years than she can remember distancing herself from everyone close to her. She has no relationship with her grandchildren and the only time she speaks to her daughter is during her weekly fifteen-minute commute to the nail salon. When Bea meets Walter on a cruise she realizes there may be more to life than designer clothes and impressing the ladies at her country club.

We live our entire lives thinking we know those closest to us. But do we ever really? 

On the outside, Annabel O’Conner has it all – the perfect husband, two adorable children, and an amazing job. The only thing missing is her mother’s love. When Bea begs her daughter to help plan her wedding, Annabel reluctantly agrees. Little does she know the impact of her decision or the surprise that is in store for her!

This emotional and honest women’s contemporary fiction novel will tug at your heartstrings and the twist ending will shock you.

Reviewers are loving the book –

“Although a light read, the subject matter was very sad at times and I found myself choking back tears, but in a good way! It was so authentically heart wrenching yet often very funny too. The characters were so well fleshed out and three dimensional – no one was perfect and no one was fatally flawed – like real life. I thought the twist was genius!”  – Meredith Schorr Best Selling Author

“PLAN BEA was an amazing book, one I will never forget. With all the twists and turns in this book it wasn’t predictable, but rather a quick page turner.” – Chick Lit Goddess

“A fantastic read that had me glued to my Kindle from beginning to the end.” – Chrissy Every Free Chance Books

Download your copy for $0.99

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22 thoughts on “Last time

    1. Island – I hoped she’d get the hint. But she didn’t. Desperate times call for desperate actions! XOXO The Lucy

  1. Lucy, you are such a good spokesperson for your mom …though I am sure it is exhausting. What we want to know is when are YOU going to write a book? Just think then, you could put your mom to work for you.

  2. Well, Lucy,
    You do your job well and honestly, that should be enough for the ‘rents. I mean, when you signed on all you were expected to do was look cute and cuddle – AM I RIGHT?
    Love Noodles

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