Kitten See, Kitten do..

Kitten See, Kitten do..

I walked into my bathroom, with Lucy the cat trailing behind me, and found my husband staring down at the scale with a look of disgust on his face.  “Do you know how much you weigh?” he asked.

“Yes.  Why?”

“I just changed the batteries and I don’t think the scale is working right.”

“Um, okay.”

“Weigh yourself.” He instructed.

Lucy watched as I stepped on the scale. “This ain’t right!” I exclaimed.  “I don’t weigh this much.”

“I know! Let me try again.”  He went back on the scale. “I don’t weigh this much either.  Something isn’t working right.”

“Let me back on it,”  I said and stepped back on the scale.  “No, this isn’t right. I didn’t gain five pounds overnight.  My clothes all fit perfectly.”

I stepped off the scale.  As soon as I did, Lucy stepped on.  She had to weigh herself too!

kitten see
hey, a girl gotta watch her weight, especially a girl who likes to eat as much as I do!

42 thoughts on “Kitten See, Kitten do..

    1. Fuzzy – your human s smart! Mine aren’t that bright-they like keeping it and complaining about how it is broken… Ugh xoxo lucy

    1. Old kitty – my mom says the same thing- I don’t get it… If they don’t work why do they use / keep them… Humans are so strange xoxo lucy

    1. Katnip lounge- how is everyones scale broke? My mom says ours is never right either, unless of course she misses a few meals. Then she likes the thing! xoxo lucy

    1. Sparkle – we can never please our humans, can we? Mine are telling me I have to slow down with my eating because they think I am getting chunky…xoxo lucy

  1. It’s an unwritten law that ALL scales must be wrong all the time. Have you noticed no two scales read the same. My favorite scale is the one that always reads the lowest. lol

    Happy randomizing!

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