56 thoughts on “Kitchen aide

  1. That is so funny. Our humans actually keep their KitchenAid in the lower cabinets on a pull-up shelf. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. No kitchen is complete without a cat to snoopervise daily operations. MOL I find my kitties in the cupboards pretty often too. Very cute photo!

  3. Lucy, I see that you are on KP inspection duty. Make sure your Mom follows all safe food handling practices. And BTW, why are you not swatting the food off the counter? Have you forgotten the joys of listening to stuff go thud and splat when it interfaces with the floor? You’re a cat…that function is almost obligatory!

    1. Fuzz mother – *hits head with paw* I forgot about that… UGH.. thanks for the reminder! XOXO Lucy

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