I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain….

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain….

“Further?”  She questioned, her voice screeching with excitement as she and her daughter passed my husband and I who were sitting in our second row seats at the James Taylor concert before the show began.


“Yes,” her daughter replied, smiling as she pointed to two of the only four seats in front of us.


“Oh my GOD!!!!”  She screamed and even though she was elderly she jumped for joy.


Her excitement was contagious. Everyone in the surrounding seats was mesmerized.  I have never seen anyone so excited before in my life.  Then a tear rolled down her eye.  “James Taylor was my and my husband’s favorite,” she said tenderly. “We listened to him all the time.  We were married for fifty years.  I just lost my him in September.”  She proceeded to take out her phone and show us all a picture of them together.

james taylor

The concert was a bittersweet event for my husband and I too.  James Taylor was what we played every time we brought our beloved cat, Alex to the vet.  And for the past two years, after we said goodbye to him, we couldn’t listen to James with dry eyes.  And since the concert was held two years to the day that we put Alex to sleep we were prepared to cry.


“Looks like we are in the crying section,” I somberly said to my husband.  He just nodded and took the package of tissues out of his pocket.


Moments later James took the stage. The crowd went wild.  As sang his first song, my eyes filled with tears. But as the night wore on, and he sung familiar songs I felt a wide mix of emotions.   I found my gaze turning to the woman in front of me and her daughter often. I couldn’t stop glancing at my husband with his damp eyes either, especially as I wiped my own.  But gradually there were no more tears. Just happy smiles all around.  It was as if the music literally soothed all of our souls.


James closed out the concert with Shower The People. And as he sung this line, I knew I found my new motto…. Things are gonna work out fine if you only will….


34 thoughts on “I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain….

    1. Traveling cats – it really was an emotional night, one that will stay with us forever…

  1. just beautiful! I adore him too….always have and I know for you and Marc he is extra special. I always loved the song “Carolina” or whatever the title is…there is a verse in that that says “Caren is the silver sun you just walk her way and watch it shine….” It is soooo rare for the name Caren to even be in a song…..I love that song! James Taylor is the best and your seats totally rocked! (Guess Alex took care of that, didn’t he?) xoxo

    1. Caren – you know I never realized that line was Caren! WOO HOO! I have never heard a song with Karen in it either. James is amazing… Alex totally took care of the seats and the weather. THe show was outside and it poured all day long but as the night approached the sky cleared…

  2. I used to listen to James Taylor all the time through my headphones in my dorm room. Whenever I was stressed, or worried, or sad…. he does just soothe the soul.
    so happy you guys had this experience!!!

    1. Goldie – I really do feel closure. The next day driving home from work I blasted JT and instead of crying I was smiling wide..

    1. Meowmeowmans – it was such a moving night. I felt such a wide range of emotions… It was just what we all needed….

  3. Hilary, those are the kind of moments that I always wonder if there was a message from above, ya know? Or maybe even Alex? I got goosebumps reading it 🙂

  4. James Taylor…. I have loved him from afar for a long time. Saw him at the Molson ampitheatre many years ago, sat on the grass in the rain. A soothing gentleman.

    1. Stacy – I know! I love that about him. He actually cried in front of me fairly early in our relationship… it totally showed me a different side of him!

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