I’ve got you under my paw

I’ve got you under my paw

Hey!  It is me!  Alex the cat! (AKA – the tailless wonder)  I have to tell you my latest trick! I am SOOOO proud of it…


If you know me, you know that I only like FRESH water.  Stale water sitting in a bowl is just not my cup of tea.  No sir!  If the water isn’t coming out freshly from a sink, I am not interested in drinking it.  Can you blame me? 


Well, sometimes it is hard to get my servants, I mean parents, to be on the ready for my hydration needs.  I don’t know why they sometimes do other stuff rather than focus their full attention on my every need. The NERVE!  So, sometimes, due to their laziness and lack of attention, if I am thirsty, I have to wait on them, and, well, that is not satisfactory.  So, here is what I have learned to do….


My dad is Mr. Gadget.  He loves getting the newest toys and technology.  One of his favorites is automatic light switches (he also likes it because my mom is ditzy and forgets to turn off the lights – but I digress).  He has one in the downstairs bathroom.  So, every morning, after I eat my breakfast, and my servants slack off, I mean drink their coffee and type on their computers, I wander into the bathroom.  I jump on the counter and walk right underneath the light sensor.  As soon as my motion turns on the light, I let out a loud, quick meow.  Between the light, and my calling, one of the dynamic duos comes into the bathroom and turns on the faucet for me, so I can have a nice and refreshing drink. 

Pretty clever huh? You got any new tricks?

38 thoughts on “I’ve got you under my paw

  1. Great trick Alex. You are just such a smart kitty. We really don’t have any new tricks but if we do, we sure will let you know. Too bad can’t fix the water to go on and off automatically. Glad you got your drink. Have a really fun week end.

  2. Alex, you are brilliant. I did meet a cat in South Africa that had the same idea as you but he no doubt heard about it from you. I wish you were my cat. Not only can you get fresh water from a tap but you can type great posts!

    1. Carol – thanks… I love to write! too bad my mom always hogs up the blogging… I am way more interesting and funnier than she is! What time do you get up? If you wake up earlier than she does, maybe we can arrange something… XOXO Alex

    1. Madness, Trouble & Squish – Thanks! It took a lot of hard work, but it was worth it… I am trying to keep those servants of mine on their toes.. It is hard to find good help… No matter how hard I try, they always need more training!

  3. Wonderful and amazing Alex!! You are truly clever and fantastic! Yay! Me and Charlie are in AWE!!! Enjoy your drink! take care

  4. Alex, I know two cats who like pulling that very same trick!

    Good to see you’re keeping the servants in their place, too. We lowly humans need to know we’re well down beneath the cats on the order of superior life forms, after all.

    1. William, my friend.. Finally a human who knows his place.. I have waited all my life to hear those words… My servants can’t quite bring themselves to admite to me how inferior they are compared to me, but I know they realize it…. Yeah for your cats!!! XOXO Alex

  5. You gots your pawrents so well trained! Me and da pack has to pick up our EMPTY stainless steel bowls and slam dem into da wall a few times. If dat doesn’t work, we takes dem and drops dem on Mom or Dad’s foot! BOL

    1. Amber – MOL! Good one… Sounds like you guys still need to do some training (it is very hard to get good help these days) but I am sure you will have them right where you guys want them in no time….and if not, well at least they will have the sore toes they deserve! XOXO Alex

  6. Nice work, Alex! Very impressive. Sweet Pea hated stale water, too. His favorite trick was to wait until a fresh glass of water was on the coffee table or night stand – when the humans looked away, he would make his move.

    Your pal, Pip

    1. Meowmeowmans – Love it! Alex does the seem to care for the sink when we brush our teeth, but when Marc shaves, well that is a whole other story!

  7. Does he drink out of the toilet bowl too? Mine does and I can’t stand it!! Despite the clean bowl of water……EW!

    Alex needs a twitter account!

    1. Irene – he does, but only if there are no other choices available…. I can’t stand it either 🙁 Alex really does need a twitter account (or a facebook page – started the facebook page a few months back but never got to finish it). But, before he can have either, he needs to find himself another personal assistant to help maintan both, because I can’t quite handle that and all his other “requirements”

    1. Connie – he loves his fresh water… The first time we realized this, we kept finding puddles underneath our water cooler. then we spied him taking a drink… this cat is a trip!

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