It’s all about soul….

It’s all about soul….

It doesn’t seem possible.  How could time have flown by so fast?  How could today be two years since we said goodbye?

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Oh Alex…


The last few hours with you are so vivid in my mind. I want to forget when you cried out in agony asking us to end your pain, but I can’t.  I am just happy that we unselfishly listened.  I am thankful you spent the last moments with us wagging your little stumpy assuring us that we were doing the right thing, abiding to your wishes.


You may not be here with us, but you are not gone.  Your heart, your soul, and your spirit is here with us, each and every single day.  We see you in every room.  We sense your presence every day.  And we know you send us sign’s letting us know you are doing okay…  Tonight’s James Taylor concert being one of them. I still can’t believe you arranged that, buddy!


When you first ran off to the Rainbow Bridge your brother-in-law Brian told me the true meaning of nine lives.  Nine lives doesn’t mean that a cat escapes death nine times. It means that a cats soul comes back nine times.  And… if you are really lucky… and the connection is so strong…. that soul finds their human’s again.


Brian’s words comforted me in my time of deepest sorrow.  I wanted to believe in nine lives, but I had doubts.  Those doubts are done….


We weren’t ready to open our hearts to another kitten.  We were still too sad.  But a force out of my control propelled me towards Lucy.  I was obsessed with meeting the beautiful kitten whose picture I saw on Facebook.  I didn’t think I could convince your dad to adopt so soon, but he fell under her spell just as I did.


As soon as we brought her home, to your “recovery room” she was right at home.  She wasn’t scared for a second.  She was familiar with her surroundings just as she was comfortable with our family and friends. She sought out all your favorite spots.  She eats exactly the way you did – mixing wet and dry together in alternating bites.  And she brings her special toy upstairs to our bedroom every single night while screaming, just as you always did.  Oh and she loves parmesan cheese too!


There is no doubt in my mind she has your soul….  We are one of the lucky ones….  And above all we were so lucky to have you.


We Miss you Alex.


And we love you more than words or our tears can express…..


54 thoughts on “It’s all about soul….

  1. Time goes by so quickly yet feels as if it stands still when we lose those we love so dearly. The pain never goes but becomes more manageable. I am glad Alex sent Lucy to you to help ease your pain.
    (((Hugs))) to you both on this sad anniversary.

    1. Flynn – you are so right, and i know you know… Everyday it gets better and Lucy is doing a great job filling our hearts with love

    1. Beth Ann – there sure were tears but not as much as I thought… It was amazing and very cathartic

  2. I can’t believe it has been two years either. We sure miss Alex too and sure send lots of hugs to you. Glad Alex sent Lucy to live with you. She is one cute little girl.

  3. You and Marc will always miss Alex but as I believe with humans, he is in a better place feeling no pain . I will always remember and love him too.

  4. You will miss Alex always but you did the kindest thing by giving him that final act of love by letting him go to be pain free. We think Alex sent Lucy to you so you could start to heal.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. Hannah & Lucy – THank you… It was a hard choice to make but we didn’t have a choice…. I agree, Alex sent us Lucy and she has been following his wishes – helping us heal and love another cat again…

    1. Scylla, Socks, Tuiren & Fenris – I am sorry for the leaky eyes. Alex was an amazing cat that touched so many lives…

  5. We knew all along that Alex would send you someone special and indeed he did. We will all pause today and help Gracie remember her Alex and we send you and Marc all our love and hugs. Enjoy the James Taylor concert, a perfect gift from dear Alex.

    1. Brian – You were so right… You knew it all along.. and I am glad I listened to you… Lucy has helped mend our hearts as well as keep Alex alive… The concert was a special gift, Marc and I both felt his presence the entire time we were there…

  6. 2 years! Omygoodness,

    You know I miss Alex, too. So strange since we’ve never met.

    You know what I believe? You will see him one day again.

    He will run up to you, and head butt you, and rub you, and love you. Forever.

    xxxx kiss from MN.

    1. Inner CHick – I believe you miss him. He had such a strong presence and I am glad I was able to capture it and share it on this blog… I believe the same thing that you do… One day we are all reunited with our loved ones who have passed….

  7. I do believe that some cats were meant to be with us, that they are our feline soulmates. I had the same type of connection with my Avalon. This weekend will be exactly one year since he crossed the rainbow bridge and he hasn’t left my heart nor my thoughts for one single minute since then. Sending you lots of hugs today.

    1. Vanessa – I think your theory is right… I felt that way about Alex but I feel it possibly even stronger with Lucy. I feel like she is the feline version of me if that makes any sense.

  8. Two years.
    Two years. It all seems like yesterday. But I understand how quickly times goes and how slowly too. I know today especially you are missing your dear Alex, he is missed in his cat blogosphere world too. Our hearts go out today on this solemn day. We know Lucy has brought so much of the joy back and that is what Alex would have wanted for you and Marc. So with a bittersweet heart we say we love you Alex and miss you.

    1. Angel abby Grace – thank you… I know how deeply you understand. Our hearts are always heavy and empty, but loving another creature does ease some of the pain… Alex was an amazing little man who was so deeply loved….

  9. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years!
    and oh my heart…. ZooZoo saw his picture and came running over “Alex is back! Alex is back!”
    my eyes just welled up! So I can’t imagine what you guys must still feel.
    But Lucy is definitely the cutest little kitten too soothe a battered heart – that’s for sure!

    1. Rorybore – Zoo Zoo remembered him? OH MY GOD! this comment broke my heart and made me smile wide. I read it to marc too. It really warms my heart to know he touched so many hearts as he was an amazing boy that was so special….

    1. Sparkle – thank you… sadly it is an experience we all feel if we are lucky enough to love a creature

  10. I know what you’re feeling, Hilary. I’ve been there. Three years ago…but it feels like yesterday.

    Alex sent Lucy to you. It was Alex who nudged you in her direction.

  11. Came over from Brian’s blog to offer you soft purrs on this day of remembrance. Mom knows and understands the depth and pain of your loss. We are so glad Alex sent Lucy to you 🙂
    Marty and Mom

  12. What a special post in remembrance of your precious Angel Alex, sending you love and purrs today…how special that Alex brought beautiful Lucy to you and that you are going to a James Taylor concert tonite.

    1. Clooney – thank you for the love and the purrs. Alex really worked hard to make sure we are okay and know that he is doing well too…

  13. Oh Alex in Heaven…I’m reading your mommy Hilary’s book as we speak so this got me very choked up to read. I’m just getting to know your daddy Marc as the start of the book. You and he were VERY close!! Please know they both miss you always very much and you left a huge lifelong impact on their hearts!

    1. Mike- Alex was such an amazing boy. He and Marc were so close but he let me into his heart (after a bit of testing my loyalty). Once he did he loved me just as much as he did his dad. He was an amazing boy…

  14. it has been a rough couple of weeks out in the blogosphere with lots of beloved cats coming to the end of their journey.. i was having a hard time coming up with a good supportive comment.. but a not so good supportive comment is better than none.. so here goes..

    I am so very sorry again for your loss. Losing a loved one is never easy, and while they are still in your heart, it aches that you can not touch them and have that intimacy.. my heart goes out to you

    1. Connie – thank so much and I think that you came up with a very good supportive comment 🙂 Losing a loved one is always hard… Memories are always around you but slowly the pain fads and happy memories fill the space…

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