It is not all about you…

It is not all about you…

They guys!  It’s me…. LUCY!!!


Working Girl Lucy –  yeah you read this right.. My mom has been making me work with her… Apparently good help is hard to fine, but I am great!

I have done everything she has asked for.  But finally it came time to put my paw down. I know that she wants everyone to know about and more importantly READ


And I have to give her props for spreading the word about the book (not to mention the awesome giveaways she did).  But they were all geared for humans!  Seriously?  What about us felines?  We need a prize too…

So after slapping some sense into her she agreed and is giving away something for us!  A Premier Come with Me Kitty Harness & Bungee Leash…. I know, I know – treats would be better but the harness is way cool!  It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without having your basket case parents (hi mom & dad) freak out that you are going to get in trouble or run away….

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22 thoughts on “It is not all about you…

    1. Random – I work. You guys work. What is wrong with this picture. I thought a cat’s job was to play, eat and rest. where do we file a complaint? xoxo Lucy

  1. Binga’s the only one of the three of us that my human has tried to harness train – and she got freaked out at some guy in an electronic wheelchair, squeezed out of it and bolted! So she didn’t try again.

    1. Inner Chick – oh you got that right!!! It is all about the lovely lucy! And from your finger to all the book readers ears (or eyes)

  2. You are such a good and sweet kitty to help your mom like that, Lucy. She and Dad are so, so lucky to have found you (way to bring Lucy and Mom and Dad together, Angel Alex). 🙂

    And how exciting that you get to have a cat-themed giveaway!

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