Isn’t life strange – turn a page

Isn’t life strange – turn a page

He stood by the copy machine, located in the center of the office.  “Hey,” I called out to a colleague, an older gentleman who is semi-retired.  “I haven’t seen you in a while.”  Then I asked a business question.


DangledCarat-Amazon-Kobo-Smashwords-Apple-2500x1563“I don’t know,” he replied with a shrug.  “But I do know I have been reading your book.”


“You have?” I asked.  I am always beyond excited when I know someone is reading Dangled Carat.  “Are you liking it?”


“I was.” He said then he stopped.


“But?” I prompted.


“I couldn’t get past page 46.”


“What’s on page 46?” I asked.


Another girl I work with, one who already completed the book, chimed in.  “Oh Hilary, I am sure you can figure out what he is talking about.”  Then she batted her eyes at me.  “I bet it is the part you had difficulty writing – if you know what I mean. The S-E-X scene.”


“Oh.  Oh that?”  Oh..” I started stuttering.


“You read the book?” the man asked the girl.


“Yes, I loved it.”


“How did you get past page 46?” he asked.  “Since you know, her?”


I started putting my hair in a ponytail. Someone must have raised the thermostat a hundred degrees.


“I skipped that part,” she said with a smile.  Then she turned to me.  “Oh my God!  Look at you!” the girl exclaimed.  “You are beet red! You are embarrassed.”


“Yep.  I have to see what is on page 46,” I mumbled as I went up front to where I knew another girl was reading the book.


“Do you have your book on  you?” I asked.  She reached into her bag and pulled it out.  I thumbed through it, searching for page 46.  I read.  And then I sighed.  My fears were confirmed…


Slowly I made my way back to the gentleman.  “Page 46 is nothing…. It gets worse!”


Then I went into my office to hide….

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25 thoughts on “Isn’t life strange – turn a page

  1. We’ll repeat the head peep’s advice from Twitter here: Lower your voice like you’re letting them in on a big secret, and tell them that the ghostwriter spiced things up.

    (We know you didn’t have a ghostwriter, and we would never suggest taking credit away from your authorship, either!)

    1. Sometimes – when we are talking about the s-e-x scenes I would gladly give credit to another / pretend they were about anyone besides me 🙂

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