Isn’t it ironic… don’t you think?

Isn’t it ironic… don’t you think?

It seems like it was yesterday, but it was really several months ago, that my husband, Marc, and I walked side by side, early one September morning, discussing our upcoming renovation project.


“So, everything is all planned out,” explained Marc.  “First, we are going to remove the wall between the kitchen and the dining room.  Then we will close up the former doorway and make a proper front door at the front of the house.  Vinny will have to redo the driveway and fix the entrance way.  While he does that, Dean can start installing the windows.  Of course we will need to redo the stucco.  I will have to get David to do that, and when he is done, George will paint.”


“What about the cabinets, stove and dishwasher?” I asked.  “I still can’t believe how much we sold online!”


“Jodi will pick up the stove on Wednesday.  The guy in California who bought the dishwasher is sending someone to ship it on Friday, and the lady with the cabinets is sending her contractor here to remove them the weekend after that.   So once all that is done, I will arrange to have the plumber take out the bathroom.”




“So we can remove the tile floor.   We have to give the contractors a clean and empty room to do the work.  We’ll put everything in the garage from the bathroom and move everything from the kitchen and dining room into the basement or the den.”


“Once they start, how long do you think it will take?” I asked.


“Probably about three to four weeks.”


“And they are starting the end of October, right?”




“So do you think we will be done by Thanksgiving?”


“Not really sure…possibly.”


“What about Christmas?”


“Definitely!  We would need a real catastrophe to cause such a delay…”



If we only knew…. Construction was supposed to start October 29th – the day Sandy hit…  The bathroom, kitchen and dining room was emptied in preparation. Everything was moved to the den and basement which flooded.  Almost all the stuff was destroyed.  Now the basement and den are also emptied, and additional construction is needed….


Yes, that is dirt from the ocean on the floor

Marc’s words of advice – “if you plan on doing renovations, don’t have a hurricane.  And if you plan on having a hurricane, skip the renovations.  Don’t try to do both at the same time…

42 thoughts on “Isn’t it ironic… don’t you think?

  1. Awwww Hilary! 🙁 It’s such bad luck really – I am so so sorry!! Bless you all and Marc is wise indeed! Take care

    1. Old Kitty – thanks… Marc sure is wise (and if I had to be in this situation, I am so glad I was in it with him…)

    1. Fuzzy Tales – thanks so much… it is very hard to imagine and i am living it…every day we find something else…

    1. Tami – it is and it isn’t… I would hate that we had damage after these rooms were done, but we would have lost a lot less stuff if the construction was completed…

    1. Loretta – I know.. in the end it will be beautiful and we will be so happy… but right now I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…

    1. Brian – thanks… I appreciate… I am sure when all is said and done, it will be beautiful and the past few month’s will be a distant and painful memory… but right now it is just exhausting

  2. So it sounds like it might have been a good thing you had stuff already moved out of your first two rooms?

    It sounds like you guys are able to put a positive spin on everything that happened.

    I’ll keep your husband’s advice in mind when we need to do some renovations. 🙂

    1. Jessica – not so much… The bulk of the kitchen and dining room stuff was moved to the den / basement which flooded… We are trying to put positive spins on everything, otherwise it is to sad…

    1. Abby – you are right… that is a good thing… we did want to redo the den when we were planning the renovations but stopped.. now we don’t have a choice…

  3. It sounds like you guys are trying to keep your sanity and your sense of humor as you crawl out of this tragedy. Your photos show your devastation and how your heart must be breaking.

    1. Lucy – We are trying to keep laughing.. It is better than crying… I didn’t take too many photos (which is not like me) because I don’t want reminders of this month…

    1. William – You are probably right, but the damage and destruction would have been less if the contents of these rooms wasn’t moved into the basement / dining room… Oh and the truck that was delivering our tiles tipped over during the storm and the warehouse of the kitchen company we are using flooded… so….

    1. Blueyes – that would have been worse if it was destroyed, but the kitchen & dining room weren’t really hit by the storm… all the contents that were moved to the den / basement were… but with the amount of work being done here, you are right… damage would have been caused…

  4. I cannot imagine. We continue to keep you in our thoughts and purrs. We agree with Brian — our wish is that things turn out better than you expect. You deserve all that and more. Hugs to you both.

  5. Oh Argh! We didn’t even have any natural disasters and our renovations took 4 times as long as we thought they would. And we were giving ourselves lots of time for life all around us, and kids and farming and canning. You poor things. Enjoy the process, is all I can offer. We are such resilient people, right?

    1. Waffle – Wednesday – resilient – that sure describes us! Construction always takes longer than expected… but we just never expected a natural disaster… Oh well.. I guess the saying – life is what happens when you make other plans – rings true!

  6. So hard to take it all in. You are living it every day and it must be so discouraging. Some day you will be able to look back…until then know that you guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs.

    1. Beth Ann – it really is… it is a very strange feeling. Some days all I want to do is mope… But others I realize that when everything is said and done our house and village will be just as beautiful (if not more) than before… We have contractors removing stuff this week but next week they should be repairing / replacing.. so once that starts I am sure I will start to feel better…

  7. Hilary, Marc’s last comment gave me chills. Once renovations begin you will start to feel like something is finally being accomplished. You are on your way through the healing process. {{{HUGS}}} to the both of you and your families.

    1. Tami – I know… He comes up with good one liners that guy of mine… I get the chills thinking of every time he said we’d need a catastrophe to not be done by Thanksgiving… man… who ever would have thought…

  8. Mowzers, the irony of it all…. We’ll make sure our humans never mix renovations with hurricanes (or in our part of the country, tornadoes).

    Still purring hard for you. And thinking of you. And hoping you have time to breathe between the moments of craziness….

    1. Maxwell, faraday & allie – advice to live by! tornadoes? they scare me… Hope they stay clear of your paths….I am hoping to have a little down time this weekend – first time in over a month… XOXO

  9. I am so sorry for everything that happened but I am thankful you were both safe. I feel so bad for everyone effected. I look at the pictures and can’t imagine the time that will be going into cleaning it up. ((HUGS))

    1. Debby – thanks.. I feel so bad for everyone effected too.. there are so many people that were hit so hard…it will take a very long time for life to get back to normal for so many….

    1. Stacy – I know.. just my luck… our damage wouldn’t have been so bad if everything wasn’t moved to the den/ basement… So frustrating… After a month, we finally finished cleaning, so there is a break in my future, and I am sure when all is said and done, the end result will be amazing… I just would have liked to have an easier november and a less than amazing home 🙂 Hugs back!

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