In the middle of the night…..

In the middle of the night…..

What would you do?


It is late. Or, more accurately, it is real early in the morning. Three AM to be exact. You and your wife are sleeping soundly, when all of a sudden you hear a commotion outside. You get up out of bed to investigate.


First, you head over to the window that faces the front of your house. You see it, a party bus parked on the road. The teenage passengers who were at their high school prom earlier in the night, one by one, are exiting the bus. They are screaming. They are yelling. They are having the time of their life.


But, you look a little closer. Through your sleep hazed eyes you watch, and see that they are also bumping into each other. Some of the guys are even urinating in the streets. There is no doubt in your mind that these kids have been drinking.


As your wife asks, “What’s going on?” you head over to the sliding glass doors that lead to your balcony, but, also faces the beach. You watch as these same kids run by, headed to the sand and the sea.


What do you do now?


Do you just close the sliding door so that you and your wife could get back to sleep? Or you make a call?


Fortunately for these kids, my husband, Marc, made a call. He called our development’s security guard and alerted him to the situation. The guard went down to the shoreline, where he saw that the kids were quite drunk. He immediately contacted the police who, who arrived moments later. Sadly, one or two of the youths had to be taken to the hospital, due to the amount of alcohol he consumed.


I hate to imagine what would have happened if Marc just closed our door and went back to sleep. Security never would have seen the kids, as they were all the way down at the ocean, beyond where he patrols. The ocean is dangerous enough during the day, when you are sober. But at night when you are not… I don’t even want to think what could have been…..


So, what would you have done?


32 thoughts on “In the middle of the night…..

  1. It’s nice to know you have security patrolling the beaches where you are!

    I think I’d ring the police straight if a whole coachload of drunken people pulled up outside my window and started to wreck the place – esp as my neighbours are quite elderly and vulnerable!

    Take care

    1. Kitty, we are lucky to have security patrol our beach. The police patrol the public beaches that surround our property, so that is good too… I don’t think we really have much of a choice to not make the call…. There are too many bad things that could happen if we dont….

  2. I guess that’s one of those situations where it’s a tough call. Do you interfere? I guess if I had seen them being THAT drunk, then yes, I would have called. I would not want to feel guilty the next day if kids who were drunk accidentally drowned!

    1. Claire, I agree, it is a tough call. If people are just having fun, you don’t want to ruin a good time, but sadly, there is such a fine line between too much fun and danger… I am glad we don’t have to know what could have happened…. Better safe than sorry!

  3. Oh absolutely making the call was the right thing to do – so cool your hubby was looking out for the safety of the kids. I don’t even want to think what could have happened if he hadn’t made that call! Scary!

    1. Stacy, yeah, marc did good that night…. Many of our neighbors aren’t at the beach during the week, and the ones that are, usually have their windows closed and their AC on… If Marc didn’t make the call, I don’t know if anyone would even have noticed anything was wrong. I am so thankful that he got up to investigate. He was at the window before I even totally woke up (I am pretty much dead when I am asleep) It so scares me to think what could have been…

  4. You have to make the call…..bad enough when it is adults, but these are kids. Mom has had neighbors get wild WAY early/late at night and has had the same problem. She finally called when it got to the 4th time the same night and it was 2am. 2 cops came out – she went out and the younger one stage whispered “we think she has been drinking”. Well duh….. 🙂 Glad you called – you did the right thing.

  5. I probably would have done the same thing! A few months ago our neighbor’s son was having an out of control party, kids were running around banging on people’s doors at midnight and later. It was awful. I was stuck in that situation where you want to let them have fun, I was a teenager once too, but at the same time it’s wrong and you know it’s wrong. My husband called the cops (turns out another neighbor called the cops as well) and similar to your situation, one of the kids had to be taken to the hospital as well. Imagine what may have happened if we didn’t call, because the kids probably would have been too scared to take the sick kid themselves.

    1. Jennifer, it is a hard call to make…. You don’t want to be mean, but there is only a fine line between too much fun and a dangerous situation, especially when kids are involved. They really don’t know what they are dealing with, and I agree, if your husband and your neighbor didn’t call the police, the poor kid would never have been taken to the hospital. Their friends would have been too scared (or too naive) to know there was a serious problem… I would hate to think what could have happened in your situation too…. That kid was very lucky… although, I am sure they didn’t realize it at the time…

  6. We’d have called. There was a time when we wouldn’t have, but now, we call on the partiers around our house now. Those kids were lucky someone was a concerned citizen.

    1. Vandy, it sometimes is a hard call to make… You don’t want to be an “creep” when there is a party going on, but there is a fine line sometimes between too much fun and danger…. I think as Kristine & Donna said, it is better to be safe than sorry….

  7. I believe your hubs may have saved some lives last night. Kids will be kids, but sometimes things just get out of control and all judgement is swept away with whatever little sense they had to begin with once they become intoxicated. Way to go to the hubs!

    1. Cathy, I agree… I think Marc was a hero that night… The kids judgement was swept away, but fortunately none of them got swept away in the ocean… Speaking of little sense, what I still don’t understand is how the bus driver let them out in the condition they were in, to go to the beach no less. I can’t imagine why the call to the police didn’t come from him….. sad.

  8. Absolutely ~ call!! Living close to a college town, I hear about it way too often; kids dying from alcohol poisoning – not to mention what would have happened if they had gone out into the water. As I heard someone say once – hopefully they can stay mad all of their long, long, life.

    1. Donna, that is a very good saying… very similar to what Kristine wrote…. It is so sad and scary what happens / could have happen…. Especially on a night like prom… Marc and I happened to be in a restaurant that night where a lot of the parents went to after the pre-prom parties.. Everyone seemed so happy…. To think, the night could have ended so badly…. Thankfully, I think all ended up being OK in the end.

    1. Kristine, you are so right…. always better to be safe than sorry, but in this case, it could have been worse (your saying rings so true…)

  9. I’d have called someone too. They should have never been able to get the alcohol to begin with. Good thing you have complex security to call otherwise it would have been a 911 call I’m afraid.

    1. Blue eyes…. I couldn’t agree more about them getting the alcohol in the first place… What I don’t understand is how the call to 911 didn’t come from the party bus driver… I don’t understand how he let them out of his bus, and by the ocean, in the shape they were in…..

  10. I would have done exactly what Marc did and called the police. I would also have been worried about possible theft or vandalizing along with the possibility of drowning.

  11. No hesitation at all. Call the police. It’s sad that people lucky enough to have children either didn’t raise them responsibly or didn’t care enough to police them better that night. ICLW #118. Anyone looking to win a free micro-ivf contest, my RE is having a contest thru Sunday that’s free fun and easy to enter. Stop over and check it out. There’s lots of prizes. Good luck. Tracey

    1. Tracey, I couldn’t agree more.. there are so many people who desperately want kids and can’t have them, and so many people who have them who really don’t want the responsibity… It isn’t right… I feel bad for the kids, old and young…

  12. No matter how hard we try to teach them they just don’t hear us. I would have called the police. As a parent I would rather pick them up at the police station then have to identify them at the morgue.

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