41 thoughts on “I’m resting here! Wordless Wednesday

    1. Hannah & Lucy – yeah. I was hoping mommy would get the hint. She didn’t. XOXO Lucy

  1. I love snapping pics of Finn when she’s sleeping – sometimes the positions she’s in are too funny. But you better not wake her up – no way, Jose then she’ll get mad!

    1. Susi – Lucy is pretty cool when I wake her… she is used to me driving her nuts

  2. It’s very important to get the requisite eighteen hours of sleep a day, after all!

  3. lucy you are funny kitty!!! 🙂 please raise a paw (prayer) to one of your cousins…caz who is a
    beautiful maincoon who crossed rainbow bridge today….make sure to always love mom n dad.

    thanks for the smile today

    1. Gilligan – I am so sorry about your loss… I will tell my brother, alex, to look out for the maincoon.. XOXO Lucy

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