If I felt that way then… FIRMOO GIVEAWAY!

If I felt that way then… FIRMOO GIVEAWAY!

I was twelve years old when the man at the eye glass store handed me my first pair of glasses and said, “Look how pretty you look.”  I stared at my reflection, trying to get used to the new image looking back at me.


“You do look very pretty,” my mom assured me.  Then she turned to the man and asked, “We never knew there was a problem with her eyes before, how do we know these glasses help?”


“Honey, take off the glasses and read the sign on the wall with all the letters for your mom,” he instructed.


“E, N, B, Q , D, R?” I answered and noticed both my mom and he had very strange expressions on their face.


“Okay, now put the glasses on and try again.”


“E, H, R, F, Y, W.” I said.


“Now you got it!” He cheered.“That time you got all of them right.”


When I left the store, for the first time in my life I saw there was a clock on top of the oldest building in town….


From that day on, I had a love/hate relationship with glasses.  I fought wearing them at first.  Then I loved them.  Then I got contacts.  Then I got really cool glasses I loved.  Then I got Lasik.  And now that I don’t need glasses anymore, I am always admiring other people’s glasses….  Sometimes I actually miss wearing them…. Especially since there are companies like Firmoo who makes such cool pairs!

Firmoo is the World’s Most Popular Online Eyeglasses Store. They  have always been committed our to offering customers the best quality products at the most affordable prices which start at $8 dollars- 80%-90% lower compared to that in local store. Furthermore, Firmoo has launched First Pair Free Program for new customers to test our products and service for free by paying shipping only.that make such cool and affordable frame, like this pair!  How can you not try this????

Firmoo is offering a giveaway, but the cool part is the more people enter the BETTER the prizes become. So here is the deal!

First they are offering: Six (6) $20 E-vouchers to use on any frame selected at http://www.firmoo.com/classic-series.html. The voucher includes the frame and 1.50 single vision lenses! Some frames are under $20, so winners just need to pay a little on shipping because the voucher doesn’t include it.

And if there are more than 40 individuals entered, they will also offer a pair of free glasses including shipping to the luckiest winner!!  And the sunglasses are cool! So please spread the word!

To enter you must be in their delivery zone – check if you are here  http://www.firmoo.com/help-c-10.shtml – contest ends midnight 7/19 – good  luck!

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