I’d love some more great questions… (6WS)

I’d love some more great questions… (6WS)

I am having so much fun with “ask me a question writing prompt” that I posted on Thursday…. Already I have so many great questions to answer…  Some are easy, some are hard.  But each and every one is making me think…  And I can’t wait to start answering….  I have already written some posts in my head J


But I would love to have a few more to answer… So, if you haven’t asked me a question, please do….



I am linking up with Cate today for (6WS-Six word Saturday)


And while you are in the question asking mood, you can also ask Darcie one, after all this was her great idea!  My friend Kim is also looking for questions….

22 thoughts on “I’d love some more great questions… (6WS)

    1. Karen – well, I think I have to finish it first… I have all the edits back and will be focusing on it as soon as we return home from the upcoming trips…

  1. This sounds like a great idea – I’ll have to look into this one.

    I don’t think you’d like the first question that comes to my mind: I love looking at your lovely beach banner at the top of your blog, so of course —- Can I come live with you and have that view? 😉

  2. That is a really great idea, Hilary! I do have a few questions: Why did you switch from blogger to WordPress? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Did you worry that switching would cause you to lose followers? How do you keep up with commenting on everyone’s blogs?
    I think these questions will keep you busy for awhile, right?

  3. Hilary …… can you give us a peek out a little bit of the book? If you didn’t live at the beach where is your second choice to live?? What is your favorite color? Do you have a time of year you don’t like? This is Janice, the girl who loves questions LOL so I will just leave you a few.
    Happy Saturday 🙂

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