58 thoughts on “I see the light

    1. Cecilia -:) give squish a big kiss for me… only one thing I thought of during this whole struggle was thank goodness Alex wasn’t here

    1. Brian – and give head butts all around too….. Next thing purr for our heating system and hot water heater to get repaired soon…

    1. Connie – It is funny, we have been walking around in the dark because we keep forgetting we can use the light…

    1. Silver – thanks so much… having electric helps. We were able to get in a restoration company yesterday to work on killing the mold

  1. Oh gosh I am so sorry I missed this great event day before yesterday. That is so exciting to FINALLY have your lights back. I know that was a horrible two weeks for you. We sure hope things start to go better for you now. It is your turn. Thinking about you and sending many purrs. Take care.

    1. Marg – you are right… it was a great event…. nothing better to coming home to light. Heat was an issue, but lucky for us, Marc was able to arrange it to be fixed / repaired quickly! it has been a hell of a few weeks

  2. Hilary, I’m delighted at least something is going right your way at the moment. I know you have a tough task ahead with all the clean up. Despite all the headaches you’ve gone through, I know you have a heart of thanksgiving for the damage that was not done to your property. God bless you, my friend! My prayers are still being lifted on your behalf. ~Cathy

    1. Cathy – thanks so much. you are right. I am thankful that we weren’t hit as hard as so many others. Parts of our home were destroyed but not all of it. We can still live there, and neither one of us, or our close family / friends, who were affected were hurt either

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