I finally get it….

I finally get it….

Hey, it is me, Alex….


So, for years, I have watched my parents gather around their laptops and ooh and ahh over images they saw on their screen. They looked ridiculous, let me tell you. I am sure my parents aren’t the only ones that exhibited this odd behavior. I wouldn’t be surprised if your parents did the same thing… You know the look, I am sure. Their eyes are glazed, their mouths are hanging open, and they sit there nodding their heads, totally and completely fascinated. Bizarre!


Eventually, one of them makes their way over to their wallet and grabs a credit card, and before you know it a box appears with useless stuff. I have never understood their fascination with online shopping. Until NOW!!!!


On New Year’s Day, I learned that I won a $50 gift certificate to Mr. Chewy from my friend Max. Let me tell you, I was excited. I made sure that my mom ordered me cases of food (and the good stuff, not the prescription food they insist on feeding me). I was so excited (about the food) that is. But, I wasn’t so sure about this online shopping thing.


But, that opinion quickly changed when a box came from Mr. Chewy with my food, a day later. I was shocked at the speed. It was wonderful… all that delicious goodness, and so fast. I was one happy man cat.


I like to have a lot of food in bulk laying around (you never know what can happen if you aren’t stocked) so I made my parents order me more a few weeks later, and again, I was blown away by how fast my food came. Finally, I understand why my parents love to shop online (although I still don’t understand their purchases). I know I will be ordering more from Mr. Chewy – thank goodness I know where my daddy keeps his amex card!

Do you know Mr. Chewy?

They have 70+ Brands! They have subscription based ordering, so you can get your favorite products hassle free! Shipping is super-fast, and if you order $49 or more you get it free!

Follow Mr Chewy on Facebook and twitter… I do!


26 thoughts on “I finally get it….

  1. Good fur you Alex! You just gotta love it when food shows up at your door. We’ve tried Mr. Chewy too and were impressed with their speed as well. Y’all have a totally wonderful weekend! Oh, and Alex, Gracie sends her love!

  2. Yay for Mr Chewy!! And Yay for you lovely Alex! You are doing a wonderful job snoopervising mum and dad so you get some stuff too when they go online! 🙂 take care

  3. I wonder if Finn, Macy and Gracie would like it better if we ordered online!!! It’s something I will have to look into… get everything in one place and always have it available!!! 🙂 Have a nice weekend!!! ( Oh, and your parents,too 🙂 )

    1. Susi – they may not care, but you will… they have a subscribtion based ordering available, so you can just put in what you need and when, and never worry about going food shopping again!

  4. Yay – I’ve got your blog back! I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get on your website all week. don’t be freaked if i unfollow — I will hit click “follow” again, I promise! sometimes it just needs to be reset.

    anyway, Alec sure is one smart feline! And I completely “get it” too: I much prefer and enjoy food tha is delivered straight to me! :)O

    1. Rory Bore – I have had some technical issues, but I am back!!! Isn’t everything that is delivered somehow better?

    1. Amber – i like to think of borrowing the plastic tingy rather than stealing… after all, what is ours is ours and what is theirs is ours! XOXO Alex

  5. I am hopping over to Mr. Chewy now!!!! Alex can’t be wrong about how great it is, right? But now sadly, Buddy has to be on a low fat prescription food…..so Miss Holly is dieting too. Buddy needs to gain weight but can’t have the fat so it is the low fat food life for both of them now! To be quite honest–Holly could stand to lose a little bit of her fattiness so I think it is all good.

    1. Beth Ann – While Alex may think he is an expert on everything, one thing he definately knows is food, and when he recomends something related to food or buying food, you got to trust he knows his stuff! Poor Buddy and Holly on their low fat diets… alex feels their pain. he is on perscription formula food, but doesn’t love it, so we mix some fancy feast in it – sort of like giving him french fries with brussel sprouts!

  6. I am so glad you didn’t quit blogging, your blog went missing from my reader for a week, so I thought maybe you decided to quit!!
    Anyway, I am so glad your kitty loves it’s new food!!

    1. Lucy – I know.. I had a hell of a blogging week… did some behind the scene changes to my URL and it caused me to go down and delay my feeds, but I am all back to normal now.. Don’t worry, I have no plans on quiting blogging, although as google eliminates GFC from non-blogger blogs, it may be harder to find my feed…

    1. William – and you should have seen him when the boxes of food arrived… He was doing the happy mancat dance! the same way I do when boxes of shoes arrive at the front door!

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