I can use some answers….

I can use some answers….

Hey guys, it’s me… The Lucy… And I am NOT happy.
lucy boxes

Seriously… Enough is enough already. I’ve haven’t had an easy time of it lately. I am nervous and worried. Things are just not right around here.

Something fishy (and I don’t mean the delicious kind of fish) started about a month or so ago… My mommy started bringing a LOT of boxes home. It was wonderful. I had so much fun playing in them. My mommy even took a full week off from work and my grandma came up from Florida. I had a blast walking on bubble wrap, sitting in boxes, and being smothered with attention.

But then the honeymoon, so to speak ended. Little by little mommy and daddy stole all the boxes. I have no idea where they went. Then a couple of weeks ago I was shoved into my “safe room” and was held hostage for a FULL day. When I was finally let free I discovered so many things (dining room table, chairs, daddy’s big speakers, my brother Alex’s favorite carpet, my silly chair….) were all gone too!

I wasn’t concerned. I figured the stuff would reappear. But it didn’t. And to make matters worse, each day mommy and daddy make more stuff disappear. While I wasn’t overly concerned when it was just their stuff, my worry has reached a red alert now. My stuff has started going missing too! Every time mommy and daddy leave I worry that they will also go missing. Now don’t get me wrong, I can use a break from those two, but I do need them to open my cans of food. Which by the way, I used to have a full closet of Fancy Feast. Now there are just two cans left.

Mommy and Daddy keep taking me for rides in the car. They call it practice. Practice for what? Mommy asked me yesterday if I was ready to go to my new home on Sunday. I walked over to my carrier case and smacked it. I tried to say yes. I don’t really understand. I am home now. The beach is my home. But they keep talking about a new place, and I have a feeling they are heading there. And since I must follow the food, and the people with thumbs, I guess I have to find out what this new home is. I just hope I like it.

Wish me luck. Sunday is the big day….


The Lucy

32 thoughts on “I can use some answers….

  1. You will be happy Lucy anywhere your mom & dad are, so don’t worry. You’ll adjust to your beautiful new home. I know you’ll all be very happy.

    1. Loretta – You are right Grandma… I am happy with those two… and I like it here also!

  2. Lucy try not to worry as you will still be with your Mom and Dad and they will feed you too so don’t worry about starving and the plus side is going too be lots of extra cuddles.

  3. Things will be fine Lucy. You may not see the beach, but you will have lots of different things to look at instead. Your mum and dad will make sure you are okay and get all your toys back and don’t go hungry. Safe move to all of you.

    1. Flynn – Mom & dad did a much better job then I expected. They made me feel right at home. I miss the beach, but not as much as I thought. I love the new sights! XOXO Lucy

    1. Inner chick – I was so worried. all our stuff went missing. I though mommy & daddy would go missing too and I’d be left alone in an empty house! XOXO Lucy

  4. Lucy you will be fine!!!!! Mom and Dad should have brought you over (if they didn’t) first, so that you could walk around and check it out before moving in! Regardless, you will be fine! xoxo

    1. Caren – we couldn’t have… First, it is over an hour away by car and second until the day before moving day it was completely not safe. They finished laying tiles on Saturday and finished the walls a week earlier

  5. I am sure any place your two wonderful persons are, will be Home dear Lucy. Also, *pppssstt* they have to Unpack all those things in boxes.. which means, more empty boxes to play in 😉

    1. Rorybore – she is in box heaven… Appliances were delivered (although the kitchen won’t be installed for months) and those boxes are big. She is loving!

    1. Norma – I was scared of the car ride but the new house is cool. Different birds to watch! XOXO Lucy

  6. Home is where the love is. Things, while comforting, are just things. You’ll be fine (and since Sunday already came and went, I bet you are)

    1. Connie – you are so right… home is where the love is… But knowing that and “knowing” that are sometimes two different things

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