39 thoughts on “I am KING of the world…. wordless wednesday

      1. McGuffy – LOL! I just saw that… funny, when I saw this comment on my phone yesterday, I didn’t know what you were talking about… Glad to know I am not the only one who types their names with typos!

  1. Definitely the King of the World!

    What is it about cats that they can just look at you and you feel like you’ve been judged. And not in a good way 😉

    1. Donna – I so know what you mean… I think I know why we feel that way… they probably are judging us and not in a good way… I can always see Alex thinking “mom – you slept too late, I am hungry!” or “Dad, you came home from work too late.. I am lonely!”

    1. Darcie – where are you when I need you???? I got NOTHING after this photo shoot. Shoot! The least those two could have given me some sushi or filet minon! UGH! Tell Sadie I am joining her strike! XOXO Alex

    1. Sabrina, Sam, & Simon – Thanks guys! Don’t be quiet… shout it from the rooftops…. Or side of the ship like that movie my mom likes 🙂 Paw hugs to you all, Alex

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