I am just a home wrecker

I am just a home wrecker

I can’t hide it… I am a home wrecker….


Don’t judge me.


I am not alone.  My husband, Marc, is one too…


But I guess since we are wrecking our own home, it is okay….isn’t it?


There is nothing more satisfying, I think, then working side by side with your spouse working on home renovations.    Our remodel project is bigger than Marc and I could ever handle on our own, but we are making sure to work on whatever tasks that we can handle, and we are having a blast doing it!


Together, Marc and I fully removed the wall that separated our kitchen from our dining room.  It took us two days but we did it!  First we had to remove all the items that were in our cabinets (Don’t ask me where anything is – spices, glasses, bowls and plates are scattered all over the house).  Then we removed the cabinets.  To take the wall down, Marc started cutting holes in the wall, starting at the top of the wall by the ceiling, with a utility knife.    Then we were able to rip off pieces of sheetrock. 


My main job was to break the sheetrock into small pieces and bag them.  Aren’t I lucky?


After all that was done, Marc used a sawzall to cut up the two by fours that the sheetrock was attached to.  I removed all the nails from the wood so that we could save and use for firewood in the winter – giving new meaning to the words – burning down the house!


Next step we will be moving the front door….


It may sound crazy, but doing work around the house with Marc is one of my favorite things… Do you and your significant other enjoy doing something unusual together?

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  1. You two are so brave to do all that. But good for you to do it. Back in my younger days, I might have tried that. In fact when I moved here, I wanted a hay room, so had to remove a wall but that was in a barn, so who cared what it looked like. Can’t wait to see your finished product. Keep up that good work.

    1. Marg – Thanks! Marc is VERY handy and over the years he has taught me a lot… We were really comfortable doing the work that we did -and had a blast doing it…

  2. You guys are going full force!!! I am very impressed!!! Chris and I work fairly well together also when we have a task at hand but we don’t usually tackle big remodeling projects!!! We wallpapered a really small bathroom together one time and decided that that was not a good job to do together!!!! We do still do some other things like painting, etc. but no big projects or tiny bathroom projects!!!! Good luck!

    1. Beth Ann – we really are… Each day something changes here a little bit, and the major work hasn’t even started yet! I love to paint with Marc – but I could see how wallpapering a small bathroom could get a little tense to do together….

  3. Oh wow! I am LOVING this already! Look at that GORGEOUS open floor plan!! I am BEYOND impressed that the two of you did this together! I could NEVER do something like that!!!!
    I just read Brian’s comment above and that is what would happen if Lenny and i tried anything like that.
    You two are just great!
    Lenny and I enjoy our season tickets for football but that sure isn’t an unusual event. You BOTH ROCK!

    1. Caren – Thanks so much! I am loving the open floor plan already – even if the house is in shambles with exposed wires and missing tiles. I can’t wait for the finished product, although I am loving this journey…. Marc and I work well together. It is shocking how much I have learned from him when it comes to construction 🙂 season football tickets may not be unusual, but they are fun (if you like football – which I still don’t understand). Enjoy every game!

  4. Please please have a before and after pic(s)!!! Yay!! Awwww it all looks so exciting and great that you and Marc are enjoying the process! Take care

    1. Old Kitty – don’t worry – I am taking pictures all along the way… It is really exciting (but a LOT of work…) we are enjoying the process though (especially marc…)

    1. Katnip – Thanks! I think it is going to look amazing when it is done (or at least I hope so). I love to paint with Marc too…Isn’t it a fun project to do togheter?

    1. Emily – eek – we sure are… and when we are done, we will literally be burning pieces of the house in the fireplace 😉

  5. My husband can’t wait until we are ready to buy our own home that we can tear down and fix as we please! lol it looks like you guys are having a great time!

    1. Jessica – we are having a great time. It is so much fun to work side by side together, but also to know that you are going to end up with the results you were dreaming of…

  6. My husband is extremely handy, but there was no way in Hades I was going to live through a DIY remodel. Already did it with our kitchen several years ago. So, our bathroom remodels were professionally done. Whew…and I mean D.O.N.E. We did the painting and finish stuff (like closet shelving, etc). If we would have done this ourselves, knowing hubby, we’d still be living with framing! Congratulations on your remodeling, it is such a great feeling when it is all done!

    1. Melissa – sounds like your kitchen was quite the job… I agree – doing the full remodel on your own is a recipe for disaster – that is why we are only doing parts on our own and having professionals do the rest 🙂

  7. Just make sure that wall you took down wasn’t a load bearing wall!

    Other than that….have a blast!

    I’ve been through so many home renos that I loathe them now. My next house is going to be up to date. All I have to do is move in and maybe paint. No more demolitions, renovating or remodeling.

    It’ll feel so good when it’s all done! And the learning experience…..

    1. Irene – no bearing wall there – I can’t even imagine if it was…. We are having a blast… I actually really love the renovating and remodeling 😉 but can’t wait for it to be over so we can actually start the enjoying part…

    1. Judy – have fun painting….it is amazing how well you sometimes “hide” stuff when you have a project… When we finally open our boxes we packed up it will be like Christmas!

  8. You guys are brave indeed. But it sure looks like all the hard work will pay off. We did a big renovation like this ourselves…..when I was 7 months pregnant with my 2nd. Um, don’t recommend that. Cranky preggo women and power towels are really not a good combination for men to be around. ha

    Also, I love, love the wall colour. will it stay, or change?

    1. Les – Renovations at 7 months pregnant with your second? YOU my friends are the brave one. I can’t imagine that at all…. wow! I love the green too. I am 99% sure it will stay (we only changed it a year ago) but who knows… we keep adding to the project (now we are getting new dining room furniture), so a little paint color switch will be no biggie 🙂

  9. OH BOY! I surely remember when. That is a big job tearing down a wall. Our home was a handyman special so homes around her usually go for $150,000 & up & we got lucky & got this one for $120,000 although we did know the owners too. They were nice enough to let us start working on the house two months before closing. woo hoo! We tore a wall down between the two bedrooms (room being as big as a closet) & made one big master bedroom! Hubby says, “So this wall has to come down, and he checked for beams… no beams. “Excuse me”, I said. HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII YAH! I know Karate. Down came his wall well 90%, and I walked away. I HELPED. LOL Funnnnnnnn You should’ve seen the look on his face. Man, your house does look big now huh? Good luck with that. Gonna have to come back & check how you guys are doin’! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Xmas Dolly – thanks for sharing your story too… You did get lucky to be able to start work before closing.. wow! We removed a lot of walls through out the house (my favorite before this project was the wall between the office & the closet). We took that wall down a few years ago and made a huge closet… loved it! Isn’t if fun taking down walls?

  10. Oh wow! What a difference that’s going to make – all the light and open area…very cool! Can’t wait to see the progress – and eventual ‘after’ pics! 🙂

    We’ve done the renovations on our house over the years – our next project will be to replace the counter tops and cupboards in the kitchen, since the new appliances just make those look sadder than ever…heh! And we want to rip out the ceiling since the previous owners brought it down to 7 feet when the original ceilings are 10 feet. It’ll make the small kitchen look much bigger when we do that! 🙂

    Crazy Christmas in September, Maytag and Oster Rock, and a Pessimistic Princess Nagger

    1. Stacy – why would someone ever drop down ceiling? That is crazy… people kill for high ceilings… We have high ones, and it is one of my favorite parts of the house. I hear you about wanting to do the counter tops & cupboards after getting the new appliances, but be careful…. once you do that, you will want to change more.. trust me. We started small, and now this project has morphed into the whole downstairs and outside of the house…. UGH! err I mean YEAH!

  11. Sweetheart and I have done quite a few things around the house over the years but we usually each have our own things we do… I paint, he deals with most of the electrical stuff (light fixtures, ceiling fans etc)!!! Can’t wait to see the end result! 🙂

    1. Susi – I think you and sweetheart need to plan a trip to NY to really SEE the end result! I do most of the painting too, but help marc with the rest of the stuff. THe only thing he doesn’t attempt anymore is plumbing 🙂

  12. Hilary … you are very talented! I don’t think I could do it. My husband and I tried to sand a kitchen cabinet once and after one night of working. He turned and asked me, “How much money again if we were to ask the carpenter?” –Then he shook his head, we should have 🙂

    1. Angela – yeah, some projects are great for DIY and others not so much… Marc is the talented one – but I have to say, I have come a long way from my “lessons”

    1. William – I suspect you are like the majority of men that i know… Marc is the only one in his family (and mine) that has a handy bone in his body… If he didn’t look like his brother, I would swear he was adopted!

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