How sweet it is to be…

How sweet it is to be…

“So, I went to that 50’s concert the other night,” our friend told my husband and I over dinner.


“How was it?” I asked.

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“Great.  I had two extra tickets. I knew you guys wouldn’t have been interested,” he explained.  “That is why I didn’t offer them to you.  I sold them on StubHub.”


“That was good,” my husband replied.


“Yeah.  I was at the show and this young couple was sitting next to me.  And when I say young, they were in their early twenties.  Everyone in the audience was like me, in their late 60’s or 70’s.  I turned to them and asked if they were John and Mary.  They said yes but seemed surprised I knew their names.  I then told them that I was the guy that sold them the tickets.”


“They must have gotten a kick out of that.” I said.


“They did.  They were the nicest couple.  They were so polite.  They even offered to get me a drink during intermission.”


“Wow,” my husband said.


“Yeah.  So then I got to talking to them. I wanted to know why they picked this show to go see. Like I said, they weren’t the typical audience member.”


“And?” I asked.


“Mary explained that it was their first anniversary and they wanted to do something completely different to celebrate, something memorable.”


“That’s sweet.” I said.


“I felt the same way.  So you know what I did?”


He didn’t wait for us to guess. He continued.  “I reached into my wallet and pulled out two hundred dollars, the amount of money they paid me for the tickets. I handed it to the husband and wished them both a happy anniversary.”


“Really?” my husband and I asked in unison.


“Yes.  They didn’t want to take it at first. But then I explained that I am now old, and my wife has recently passed.  I know now that the most important thing in the world is love…. To me, I was just handing them money.  But to them this was memorable part of their marriage and I told them that I wanted to be part of the celebration of their love for each other and part of their memory of tonight…..”

Experience any sweet lately?

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32 thoughts on “How sweet it is to be…

  1. Yesterday was my daughter’s 16th wedding anniversary. All they got from us was free babysitting.

  2. what a beautiful story! I just love it when people listen to the little voice in their head that is prompting them to do something amazing for someone else. It’s such a gift — to be a blessing.

    1. RoryBore – I know.. Sadly so many times people ignore that voice but when they listen they tough so many…

  3. Awwww. What a sweet story.

    We would like to thank you for stopping by our blog to offer your kind and comforting words when we lost our Whisky and Pok in early May. It meant a lot to us.

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