Home now has a different meaning

Home now has a different meaning

As I said last week, images on TV don’t prepare you for what experiencing a catastrophe is really liked.  Until you live through it, you never fully understand the magnitude…. And I hope you never have to… Marc and I are still lugging and cleaning.  There is so much work left to be done..

Marc’s sister also lives in a beach community.  Her town, Belle Harbor, was hit very hard very, very hard.  My nephew came from PA to see his parents six days after the storm hit and made this video…. While images you see on TV or a computer monitor may not accurately portray the full impact a storm has on those affected, I think my nephew did an amazing job showing what is now left of the place he called home…




26 thoughts on “Home now has a different meaning

    1. Johanna – you are so right.. Life is definitely a beach some days… My thoughts are with you and your towns that the flood waters stay away.. I don’t want anyone to ever have to go through this..

  1. OMG. i watched all 25 minutes and i am without words. Your nephew did an amazing job. I can’t believe the miles and miles of boardwal that washed up BLOCKS away. The debris, the sand. It looked like a Third World country not the U.S.
    What immediately came to mind was a war zone.
    If there is any good at all it is all of the people giving each other free pizza, soup, water, chili. The people from Connecticut who gave your nephew the candles and the banana he got down the road.
    His street WAS the worst as he said.
    It is just devastating. I have no clue how you are handling it so well.
    Please than your nephew for not only walking so FAR but for shooting this amazing video.
    Much love to you all.

    1. Caren – thanks… He is an amazing guy and I agree he did an amazing job… war zone is pretty much the best definition of all these beach towns… especially the days where you saw helicopters and hummers of national guards patrolling. It has been a very surreal time for me and so many of my family and friends. People have pretty much been amazing – helping each other as you saw in the video, but of course not everyone is so wonderful…. It is so sad, all these beach communities do look like third world countries and just a few days before the storm hit, they were beautiful and like paradise…. Much love back

    1. Lucy – everything is ruined – everywhere. There is more sand on the streets than on the beaches. There is so much destruction it is so sad….

  2. It really is catastrophic and heartbreaking. It’ll be a long time to get things back to where they were after this.

    1. William – you are right.. it is catastrophic and heartbreaking. I hope one day all the beach towns will be restored to their former beauty….but certain things never will be the same again…

  3. Just constant prayers Hilary for you all I am so sorry for what you all have to face every day from such unpredictable force of nature.

    1. Brian – thanks… It is a hard / emotional time for everyone, but in the end we will all be better and stronger (that is what I keep telling myself)

  4. This is just heart-breaking to see. I know, Sweetheart is shaken up about this. He may not have lived there in a long time now but he did grow up there and it’s his home! We watched video where we actually saw the boardwalk float by. It was crazy. It is crazy. I remember how things looked here three weeks after one of the major hurricanes came through… Hope you guys are doing okay! Sending hugs!!!

    1. Susi – I feel bad about A… I know that the plan was for her to see Corey’s hometown when she comes, and sadly she will see a version no one ever expected…

  5. Oh my! Your nephew has done a fantastic job with this video showing the devastation in the community that Sandy caused. I loved in south Florida for many years but, fortunately, never suffered such disaster. Bless you all on the beaches!

  6. What a good video but horrible sights. The destruction is just horrible. It is so amazing how the sand is everywhere. It really moved the beach.
    We sure hope you can get straight pretty soon or I should say sooner rather than later.
    Thinking about you two.
    Take care.

    1. Marg – thanks.. I am sure that eventually we will all get ourselves straight, but it doesn’t feel like it will be anytime soon… I can’t believe it is already a month…

    1. Debby – thanks so much…It is really gut wrenching to see these towns and villages look like war zones when days before they were beautiful. It is hard especially for us as not only are we living it, most of our family and friends are affected as well… very hard…

    1. Cindysn – she sure was a wicked storm – and pictures can’t really capture the feeling you get as you see the destruction live… happy ICLW!

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