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It’s me. The Lucy! Remember me? Yeah, that is what I was afraid of. My mom has been so busy writing her new book she’s been neglecting me and my blogging. But I can’t complain too much. I read an advance copy of Go On, Girl and it was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing… see!

Go On, Girl officially publishes tomorrow (9/10/18) to honor the 30th anniversary of my grandpa, Sidney’s, passing.  But you can pre-order your copy today!!!! And from now until 9/15/18 the book will be on sale for just $0.99 – now that’s a bargain. Oh, and mommy’s 2nd book, Plan Bea, is also free.  Now that’s a good deal!

My mom’s ALSO giving away a Google Home Mini…. a Rafflecopter giveaway

But back to the book.  Early reviewers are raving about it…


Executive, wife, and mother of an outgoing first-grader, Sydney Clayton crushes her day-to-day obligations at work but flounders in the cutthroat world of parental politics.

She manages to avoid the local drama until she’s faced with an ultimatum: join the Forest River PTA or risk her daughter becoming a social outcast. Sydney reluctantly becomes treasurer, and takes the recently vacated position of the president’s sidekick. If protecting the children’s freedom of speech, one best friend ban at a time, isn’t complicated enough, Sydney and her husband receive an unexpected offer for their house they don’t think they can refuse.

Embroiled in the deception and manipulation rife among the elementary school moms, Sydney struggles. Should she sell the home she worked so hard to build in a town where betrayal runs rampant? Or should she stay put to avoid the fallout from uprooting her child? As Sydney focuses on what is best for her daughter, and lets go of her judgments, she finds friendship can develop in very unexpected ways.

Warm, witty, and wise, Go On, Girl dramatizes the dilemmas of life in the suburbs and the bonds shared by women. Perfect for fans of Class Mom and Big Little Lies.

So Go On, Girl and Download your copy for just $0.99


The Lucy


8 thoughts on “GO ON, GIRL!

  1. Gosh, this opens up a whole new world that I never knew existed. Seems like the moms are the ones that need to be watched out for, not the vet!
    Sounds a great and fun read, and just the tonic my doctor ordered now schools have gone back!

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