“Hey, want a piece of me????” – Alex

“Hey, want a piece of me????” – Alex

When you live on the beach, and you have a lot of friends and family who live around the country, like my husband Marc and I do, it is common for you to have a lot of visitors, especially in the summer months. Take it from me, I know. Marc and I entertain, a lot, especially during “peak” season when we usually have a full house or more commonly a revolving door of guests. Sometimes our house feels like a hotel. And that is how, years ago, our running joke began.

Marc and I were kidding around about the hotel feel of our home, and decided to start referring to the house as the “beach hotel.” We created a brochure, complete with pictures of each room, a detailed description of all the amenities, and a word from the proprietor, Alex the cat. We sent this brochure out to all the regular patrons, also known as our best friends and families.

But, if you know Marc and me, you know the hotel jokes didn’t stop there. We went out and got room numbers for the two guest bedrooms. That way, when family and friends visited, they had their choice to reserve room 201 or 203. Then we searched and searched for some signs to make the rooms more “hotel like”. We ultimately found one that said “not responsible for lost or stolen items” and placed it in the closets. Also, we found one that said “we provide our guests with a smoke free environment” and placed them behind each bedroom door.

If only I knew about Build a Sign then… All of our searching could have been totally avoided, and we could have had custom made signs! If you can think up a sign they can make it…. Any kind of sign! Bumper stickers, yard signs, window clings, banners, etc.

Check out the fun signs they sent me:

This one is going to be hung on one of the entrance doors to my house….So BEWARE!

They also sent me this one:

Which will go under the big beach picture that I have hung in my office; reminding me on those crazy days that paradise is only a drive away.

And the best part… They gave eight bumper stickers, featuring Alex to give away….

So, if you would like a piece of Alex, please make sure to follow us, and let me know in the comments if you want a chance to win…I will use a randomizer on Saturday to pick a winner.

4 thoughts on ““Hey, want a piece of me????” – Alex

  1. Got the same resort problem in Arizona, no one wants to see us in July and August. Aren't we just as charming then?

  2. @ Corbin… Thanks… I had fun making them

    @ Mrs Tuna… I don't understand people… I think we are just as charming regardless of the season… Although, I am not complaining.. I could use a break from the towel washing!

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