Hey Bright Eyes….

Hey Bright Eyes….

It was a crazy day. I had tons of things on my mind. Work. Home. You name it. My to-do list must have been a mile long, but I felt like you needed a magnifying glass to find my accomplishments. I pulled into the driveway, after work, to find my husband, Marc, standing outside.


“Hey!” I greeted him, with a quick kiss. As I took some packages out of my car I said, “I have to just log onto work for a second. I need to do one thing that I forgot about. And, I have to send a few short emails out.”


I headed directly to my laptop and logged in. Those quick tasks ended up taking a half hour. As I powered down the computer, I realized that I probably made us late. “Oh my God… what time do we have to meet Jack and Jill?” I asked Marc.


“We really need to leave here in about fifteen minutes.”


“Ok. I will be right down. Let me just shower and change.”


I ran upstairs, and as if on speed, I made myself presentable and returned downstairs with about five minutes to spare. Marc was standing in the dining room, a few feet away from our front door holding Alex the cat. I walked over to him and started chatting. “Ok, we got to go,” Marc said. “Do me a favor, close the door.”


I walked over to the door and closed it. Then, I headed over to the closet and grabbed my shoes.


“Do me a favor,” Marc said. “Open the door again.”


“OK,” I replied as I once again walked over to the door.


“Now close it again,” he directed. I turned to and looked at him as if he lost his mind. But, as I closed the door, I finally saw it. The frosted glass was replaced with the clear glass.


“They installed the new glass today? I didn’t know it was coming!”


“Yep… Surprise!”


And then it hit me…. I was so busy running around the house, doing tasks, focusing on what I had to do next; I didn’t even open my eyes to my surroundings. I missed out on the now. Which, if you think about it is so scary. How much do we miss out on by being so busy? Has this happened to you?


32 thoughts on “Hey Bright Eyes….

    1. See, now that’s what I’d do, walk into some glass. You shouldn’t beat yourself up about missing the fact that the type of glass changed, you just need to find your balance between each part of your life.

      1. Donald – I do my fair share of walking into walls & glass, but somehow I didn’t this time! 🙂 you are right, the key is balance. But it is so hard to find!

  1. I don’t have a car, so driving isn’t an issue, but what’s scary is having so much on your mind that you get to work (or home or wherever) and realize you don’t even remember the journey. This does occasionally happen when I’m walking to work, crossing intersections. I’ll get to my destination and then not remember crossing half the streets. Dangerous. LOL.

    1. Fuzzy – it is dangerous, but so common. It happens to me all the time. All of a sudden I look around and wonder how did I get here. It is funny, there are laws about not texting or talking without a handsfree phone while driving, but probably our own thoughts are as dangerous….

  2. A sign to all of us to take a second. 🙂 I have come home before when Dad was working on my condo only to realize he had been working and I missed the changes.

    1. Random – I have been there. Marc many times moves pictures around, and not only do I not notice he moved them, but I sometimes don’t remember where they were before…

  3. yes!! In the past few months I have found myself missing out on the “now” waaaay too much! The past two weekends I made a rule, “no reading of blogs on the weekend”….it really helped!

    I was able to catch up on my enormous pile of magazines and I try to do things with my husband that I am unable to do during the week because I am too busy missing out on the “now”

    BTW…on a totally different subject, do you watch “Curb Your Enthusiasm?” Did you see it last night?

    1. Caren – I love Curb! But, I only usually catch the re-runs or second airs… Especially in the summer, I don’t watch much TV… What happened? You got me very curious! I think your rule is a very good idea, especially if you can obey it. My problem is my intentions are good, but the follow through is lacking. Although, I have made some strides. I took a day off from work two weeks ago, and I didn’t check my phone for emails until 6:00PM. Might not sound like much, but that was HUGE for me.

  4. Oh yes it absolutely does.
    It’s a good thing that sometimes my car just simply knows the way to my destination because at times I have wondered how I got from Point A to Point B!
    Time to slow it down!!

    1. Abby – that happens to me all the time. I stop for a light, get off the parkway and don’t remember the trip… Pretty scary… I think we all need to slow down, but it is really hard. Technology doesn’t help. We are expected to always be on…

  5. It happens to me. Sometimes I don’t even remember the drive to work. It’s crazy. It feels like I’m doing so much that I’m not enjoying anything. I need to slow down, I guess.

    1. Yvonne – you do… We all do… But how? that is the real question… The more we do, the more we have to do. We all wear so many hats, and technology doesn’t help. We are all expected to be “on” all the time… I am trying to mend some of my evil ways, but i am not doing a good job…

      PS… I do the same thing with the drive home. I am always asking myself how I got here….

  6. Unfortunately, I do this all the time. I tell myself to slow down, but it is hard with a long to do list and only so many hours in the day. Great post and great reminder!

    1. Kristen, I know.. Everyday, I have good intentions to slow it down and everyday I fail… There is just too much to do, and not enough hours to do it in…

  7. You know, I am all busy doing this-that-or-the-other and like a blink my day is gone. While I have missed what you’ve described, I’m certain I’ve missed something valueable throughout my day because of distractions of one nature or another. We should take the old saying, “Stop to smell the roses.” before it’s too late.

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    1. Cathy, I know how you feel.. some days feel like the go by in a blur… Today, I blinked and it was 1:30. I still don’t know how that happens, but time flies so fast… You are right, we all need to “stop and smell the roses” as well as enjoy the special moments and the special people in our lives. we don’t know what tomorrow brings…

  8. I try my best to stay in the moment and appreciate those things around me, but when I get irked and something rattles me it is next to impossible to enjoy life……I need to develop a breathing exercise or jump into a bathtub w/ Calgon.

    following from FMBT yeez hawzz!

    1. Todd – Calcon take me away!!!! I so know what you mean… and sometimes it is the little thinks that irk the most (well in my case it is). I am trying to learn to “not sweat the small stuff” but it is easier said than done..

  9. This could be something I wrote. I’m pretty sure I’m the most unobservant person on the planet. It makes my husband crazy when he works all day on something and I walk right by it without noticing. I’m trying to be more observant if for no other reason that to keep myself from looking silly 🙂

    Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!

    1. Donna – do you ever “fake” noticing something after the fact? I do… “oh, I meant to say something sooner… It looks great,” after Marc brought a change to my attention as if I noticed it already, when I never did 🙂 Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have shared that… he reads 🙂

    1. Debby – it was pretty cool how he surprised me… I really thought he was losing it when he kept asking me to open & close the door 🙂

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