Hate Me Like You Mean It

Hate Me Like You Mean It

Ava Max said it best…. “Love and hate are two of the strongest emotions we feel in relationships.”

Personally, I believe the line that separates the two feelings are as thin as a hair, and often confused because the sensations are so strong.

I guess that is why I love enemy-to-lover stories! And if you are like me, you’ll love Hate Me Like You Mean It! This anthology features half a dozen swoon worthy characters by six best selling and talented writers (including me!). All stories have a heat level… One of them (The Rival In South Africa by Liz Alden) has the hottest line I have read in a very long time!

As an author, have never participated in an anthology before, but I had so much fun working with these talented ladies….

As I reader, I love anthologies because they give you a simple and easy way to discover new authors….

Let me tell you, after reading this book, my TBR list tripled because I must read more by Liz Alden, Allie Boniface, Tracy Krimmer, Holly Kerr, and Sarah Peis! Each story is amazing!

Hate Me Like You Mean It will be published on all retailers on 9/21 but is available now for preorder on all retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble now! Proceeds for all preorders will be donated to the Animal Welfare Institute. Download your copy!

About the books:

The Rival In South Africa – By Liz Alden

Anything I can do Alex can do better, and the last thing I want is to bring him on a trip with me to South Africa. A week of him peering over my shoulder and sharing the only bed in our tent? This safari is going to get wild.

Dare Me – Allie Boniface

She’s a mistress dispeller who breaks up the affairs of the rich and famous. He’s the bodyguard hired to protect her. The rules are clear. They have no business getting involved. Besides, they drive each other crazy ninety percent of the time. But when sparks fly, fames are sure to follow…

Cop An Attitude – Hilary Grossman

Wise-cracking work-a-holic Waverly Ensworth doesn’t recognize the no-nonsense small-town police officer who keeps issuing her books tickets, but she knows she hates him! The only crime committed is his attitude. When she learns his true identity, Waverly is swamped with guilt. Is an unrequited crush capable of blooming or is the pain of the past too deep?

Bite Me – Holly Kerr

Rachel has a talent for trouble. She speaks her mind, holds her grudges, and loves dogs. Boen is a brilliant chemistry teacher who irons his khakis and calls his sister his best friend. While Boen has many secrets, the only one that concerns neighbor Rachel is why he hates her beloved dog. And how can he be so are attractive when he’s mad at her?

Barking Up The Wrong Tree – Tracy Krimmer

If fences make good neighbors, Reese can’t imagine one tall enough to handhttps://amzn.to/3hPiIZVle the perpetual barking dog next door. Or its handsome owner. Scratch that. Annoying owner. When an unfortunate situation forces her to make nice with her unbearable neighbor, will she discover first impressions aren’t everything?

Booby Trap – Sarah Peis

Stuck in a tiny cabin in the woods with a six-foot something behemoth I never wanted to see again isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. They why can’t I seem to stay away from him?

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