33 thoughts on “Got Wood? wordless wednesday

    1. Searchin – fortunately Alex has never climbed on the pile yet, but when we have the small bags of wood that we keep by the fire, he always hops in…

  1. I’m sure Alex appreciates all those fires in the dead of Winter!!! 🙂 I’d love to sit in front of a warm fire in a big cozy chair and sip a hot cup of tea!!!!

  2. Hilary
    thank you for stopping by 🙂 I have a couple of precious moments figurines that are pretty old but that museum/chapel was worth seeing


    1. Max – you know how to freak my mom out! She is standing by the wood pile now with a flashlight! Thanks for the chuckles… She is funny to watch… my poor dad though, he has to deal with her! XOXO alex

    1. Kathy – I know… we got so lucky this year… We have used some, but more for “effect” Hopefully all this wood will remain for next year by the weather staying warm!

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