32 thoughts on “Girls just wanna have fun…..Wordless Wednesday

    1. Mc Guffy Ann – I know… We were all hanging out and admiring how we had so many colors on us… I love the summer.

  1. Fabulous picture!!! I love it!! No two the same color!!!! Summer fun for sure, Hilary! I am finally back!!! Hope to actually be able to jump in on Friday’s hop, too!!! Yippee!

    1. Beth Ann – Yeah! I missed you! The fact that we all had different colors is what prompted us to take the picture!

  2. I love the colors & it is cool that a simple nailpolish thing can bring so much laughter & fun. Good times with the gal pals :0

    1. Janice – I know… It is such a simple thing but always such a fun thing (especially if a mani/pedi is part of it) – although in this case, sadly, it wasn’t

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