Four letter word….

Four letter word….

HELP (that is a four letter word)

It’s me, LUCY (another four letters)


My parents are being very MEAN (four letters)

And they are acting quite DUMB (another four letters)

Do you know what they had the GALL (yep, four letters) to do?

They put me on a DIET (the worst four letters of them all)

Seriously????   They said my belly was HUGE (four letters)?  Does it look HUGE to you?

Mommy weighed me and apparently the numbers were too HIGH (isn’t high scores good)?

So now I am starving to death… It is HELL (four letters)

Diets are for the birds, and I am a cat. I want to eat the birds…

So as I am wasting away my crazy mommy is giving out cat and dog treats to my friends.  The winners are…. Stephanie Grant (for dogs) and Beth Ann Chiles (for cats)


48 thoughts on “Four letter word….

  1. How can that be? You have the most perfect silhouette in the whole world, Lucy. Maybe you should start calling your Mom fat too and prevent her from drinking any more chocolate margaritas. She’ll better understand you afterwards 😉

    1. Traveling Cat – OMG!!! You are brilliant! That will work… Oh wait… Maybe not. My mom was the one who weighed me and she didn’t like her number either… She said we were in this together. I’d work on my daddy but he is the tougher of the too. My mom sometimes sneaks me treats

  2. Yikes! That is way too many 4 letter words and DIET is the worst!
    We purr you do not fade away Lucy.
    You better be getting lots of lovin’ to make up for the lack of foods!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

    1. Georgia & Julie – it is funny – I have no idea why, but I am much happier on my diet. I am purring like a mad girl! XOXO Lucy

  3. Lucy that’s awful! You need to meet my cousin, Tori. She has the greatest view on cats a human could have. She always loved Baggle, my brother at the Rainbow Bridge. Baggle was a big guy and that’s why he was Tori’s favorite because he was huggable. Huggable isn’t 4kletters so it’s a better word than huge.

    Hope your parents come around to some cat-sense!


  4. Sorry, Lucy, but this cracked us up. Okay, it made our human laugh. We think you’re perfect, of course. We think WE’RE perfect. We’re currently on a (permanent) food restriction, because we’re both 2 – 3 pounds overweight — say the scales of the evil vet. And we all know you can’t trust any of THEM.

    Sorry we can’t send treats. Someone needs to send US treats!

    1. Fuzzy – I am sorry that we are all in the same boat (four letters). How about a deal (four letters) if either of us gets food we’ll share? XOXO Lucy

    1. Summer – sort of. But not really. A diet is when they cut down your treats and your portions and make you exercise more… UGH XOXO Lucy (well at least the exercise more part is fun)

    1. RoryBore – that’s what I said… But mom & dad said the scale said something else. Why they trust that darn scale over me? I got smarts! XOXO Lucy

    1. TBM – I remember having to do that with Alex. Although it wasn’t too hard. he loved any type of food. I think lucy is beautiful too – I just want to keep her healthy…

  5. Hilary, we had to put one of our doggies on a diet, but actually we are just feeding her once a day. The vet says that if the food isn’t out, she won’t eat……kind of like us humans?

    1. Linda – that is kind of what we are doing. we are eliminating the dry food snacks and giving her smaller portions of wet. If she eats it and seems hungry we are giving her more but if she seems OK we aren’t. It is so true, we are all the same, we see food we eat it…

  6. Lucy what’s a kitty to do when the humans are in control. I say, Revolt…cough up some hair balls or better yet that diet food. That should do the trick.
    Signed, Callie-Jo another cat who (should) be on the diet with you. Don’t tell my human I told you this either.

  7. Haha, Lucy, we have two cats who feel that the treat supply is never enough. Plus, they are the “dental kind” because apparently the breath is questionable so the felines are becoming “picky” but still eating them.

  8. Lucy, that is FUNE (4 letters) I am sure your mom n dad are only trying to make sure you last a long time with your happy family 🙂 You will be more happy when you loose some weight, not as hard on your joints and such for helping to catch those birds (WINK) You can do this LUCY 🙂

  9. I hate diets too, Lucy. Your tummy is beautiful…but maybe there is a little too MUCH kitty. If I were you, I would not let your Mommy huff that tummy for awhile. It is only fair that if you have to give up some of your food–that she have to give up the tummy huffing habit.

    1. Fuzz Mother – What are you trying to say? Too MUCH kitty? you sound just like my mommy.. but you want to know a secret? I am MUCH happier on my diet. I think I was overeating and getting bloated because I am purring more and am more playful. But I do think mommy needs punishment. no more tummy huffing for her! XOXO The Lucy

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