Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop – Week #75

Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop – Week #75

Welcome to the 75th weekly Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Blog Hop!



Each week, I plan on listing four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me at feelingbeachie@gmail.com. If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is Janice from Janice’s Footsteps (she came up with the last two statements)

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This week’s statements:


  1. I ___ so much __ in a day
  2. I don’t like ____ but I love ___
  3. When I watch_______ I ­­­­____
  4. I have ________in my wallet.


My Answers:


  1. I drink  so much water  in a day
  2. I don’t like Chinese food  but I love Thai food
  3. When I watch criminal minds, I wonder what it would have been like to have actually taken the FBI exam (instead of changing my mind a few days before I was scheduled to do it
  4. I have a bracelet  in my wallet (I keep meaning to bring it to be fixed)


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50 thoughts on “Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop – Week #75

  1. I prefer Thai food over Chinese but I do like them both. Lately though I really love Vietnamese food… have you had Pho? It’s this Vietnamese noodle soup and I could eat it daily! Soooo good. I should probably drink more water.

    1. Susi – can you believe it? I have never had Vietnamese food… I really want to try it though…. Marc & I always say we have to go with his sister who loves it, but somehow we never manage to go… maybe next time we do dinner in FL we should have it….

  2. I love Chinese and only some Thai and I agree with Susie the Pho noodle soup is amazing. I need to drink water, my wallet is seriously 25 years old I just can not bring myself to changing it. happy friday and thanks for hosting and using my questions, love this hop!!!

    1. Janice – I need to try this Pho noodle soup if you and susi are both raving about it…. I hear you about an old wallet.. I keep mine until they are falling apart…

  3. I made the most awesome spicy thai chicken salad today! I felt so healthy and good.
    then I ruined it tonight by drinking wine and eating chocolate with my mom.
    she totally made me do it 🙂

    I have a pair of ear-rings in my purse that I took off when I got my hair done….about a year ago. and I think I have only wore any about twice since then because I keep forgetting Your Favourite Ear-rings Are In Your Purse Dummy! 🙂

    1. Rorybore – don’t be silly… wine is very healthy (good for your heart) and if the chocolate was dark it has health benefits too (so you ruined nothing!!!) You and your earings sound just like me & this bracelet… I broke it over two years ago!

    1. Kim – I was… I had a date for the test… The only problem was I knew I would never pass the physical portion (run a 10 minute mile). Funny how at 38 I could do that easily but at 25 I couldnt run to the house next door without being winded…

    1. Yvonne – it is my favorite show too… I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I took the exam, but I don’t think I would have been as happy as I am now..

  4. It’s terrible how I remember to drink tea and coffee throughout the day and forget to re-hydrate properly with good ol water! Take care

  5. I need to drink more water! So, someday you must tell us why you didn’t take that exam! A bracelet, I don’t think one would fit in my wallet, that is interesting!

    1. Lucy – most people don’t drink enough water… I think I drink enough for them all… I didn’t take the exam for two reasons – the physical portion of the test (like i replied to kim) but also I didn’t want to have to be transfered someplace and not see my family (or even let them know where I was – depending on my position). Both were a risk… But the physical exam part was more troubling…

  6. I love Criminal Minds. So…you were going to take the exam…I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be FBI. I’ve never had Thai food. But there’s a new restaurant here, so I might have to give it a try. Sometimes I take my earrings off and keep them in my coin compartment in my wallet. And I don’t drink enough water. Too much coffee as my post reveals.

    1. Denise – I really was… I was scheduled for the exam and everything… You should definately try thai food. It is very yummy…

  7. I am totally with you on #2. I carry lots of things in my wallet, but usually not money. I am lazy about putting cash in my wallet – it is usually just crumpled up in the bottom of my bag.

    1. Pip – I am pretty lazy about putting money in my wallet too – good thing Marc usually checks it and fills me up…. And I also always find money at the bottom.

  8. I’m the other way around, I love Chinese food and I’m not a fan of Thai food. But I also drink lots of water, all day long. Have a great weekend!

  9. I have a few keys in my purse (my wallet is not big enough to hold things other than money and credit cards) that I HAVE no idea what they open! NO IDEA whatsoever. And I have lived in the same house for years and all my house and office keys are accounted for. I’m beginning to scare myself 🙂

    1. Megan – don’t you hate having keys that you don’t know what they are for? we have a bunch of those too and it drives me crazy. I also keep keys in the change compartment of my wallet for my office file cabinets…. Between the keys and the bracelet I have no room for money!

    1. Inner chick – I probably watched every episode too, but since I usually watch before I go to sleep, I don’t know how many I actually watched the full episode of without falling asleep… sigh….

    1. Routes Buzz n Allie (HEE HEE HEE) – Faraday – better watch out… If I was Allie I wouldn’t get mad, I would get even….

      We are hanging in… still very sad, but every day it gets a little easier – we do miss Alex so much…

    1. Rykers Boys – love it… Routes Buzz made me laugh too… I knew it was you guys when I saw the blog address… but….

  10. I love Criminal Minds! I would love to work with Derek Morgan. 🙂 I often think of how neat it would be to be in the BAU when I finish all my psychology studies, but the gore and horrible things they deal with is way too much for me.
    I had my first experience with Thai food this year and I love it! Definitely choose it over Chinese, but there aren’t any good places right here by me so I often choose Chinese.

    1. Jennifer – Who wouldn’t want to work with Derek Morgan? Although if we did, would we ever get anything done???? There are way more chinese places than thai everywhere (i think) but I think that the trip for thai is worth it (although I haven’t had any in a while…)

    1. Meowmeowmans – I don’t know why, but I really don’t like chinese food at all. I used to go with my mom all the time when she lived in NY because she loved it. She moved to Florida 7 years ago, and I haven’t eaten it since… I came close last year when I met a friend for lunch in what I thought was a chinese restaurant.. but then I got lucky – they had thai & sushi too!!

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