Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun Blog Hop – Week 59

Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun Blog Hop – Week 59

Welcome to the 59th weekly Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Blog Hop!



Each week, I plan on listing four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me at feelingbeachie@gmail.com. If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is lisa from third time is a charm

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This week’s statements:


1.       I always forget___

2.       I never __without___

3.      Recently I started to _____, and it has helped tremendously!

4.      If I had to find a date, the last place I would look for one is _______.


My Answers:

1.       I always forget where I put my car keys at work (because I usually just throw them down and immediately get involved in something)

2.       I never get gas without having a practically empty tank

3.      Recently I started to try to keep my office clean and neat and it has helped tremendously!

4.      If I had to find a date, the last place I would look for one is outside a marriage counselor’s office.

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30 thoughts on “Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun Blog Hop – Week 59

  1. I’ve been playing the gasoline price gamble and always wait until I have to get it. The price varies about a dime between the small town I live in and the town I work in – I usually end up losing though!

  2. If I don’t put my keys in exactly the same place every time I definitely lose them.
    At home I have a hook and for work I put them in the exact same pocket of my laptop case!

    1. Brenda – I am good at home… I have a set place too. At work, though, I am a mess…. I find them everywhere! And then, if that isn’t bad enough, the other day, I reached my car and realized I grabbed the bathroom key and not my car key… FAIL!

  3. I’m like Brenda. If I don’t put my keys in the same spot every day I always forget where they are and go crazy looking for them. I also wait until my tank runs on empty before putting gas in the car.

  4. Why don’t you just put your keys back into your purse? This seems logically to me, but I find a good deal of women do the same thing as you, Hilary. Maybe it’s part of conformity code amongst the working women, you reckon? lol Thanks for hosting. It’s always great fun to spend Friday mornings with you when I can. Have a spectacular weekend, my friend!

    Friday Sillies & FFFF Hop!

    1. Cathy – if I was smart, I would put my keys in the same place, but I am not… Truth be told, I am very harried and distracted in the AM. I usually am checking my phone as I walk up the stairs to my office so I am prepared for any imediate things that need tending too. Most times I have to make a stop or two before I reach my desk, and I am usually carrying something…

      have a great weekend too

  5. I can NEVER find my keys!! Oh, and my ATM card – I lose it at least once a week. I have the bad habit of not putting it back in my wallet after I use it. I put it in my pocket, leave on my desk (stupid, I know), etc. and then can’t find it!

    1. Brian – so far, I never had an issue (knock wood) but the other day I came close… the gas station by my office ran out of fuel, and I didn’t want to have to go out of my way to hit another one…

  6. I happy to be joining you today. I always hand my keys on a rack by the garage door. I do wait for my fuel light to come on before I get gas. My husband always waited and waited before he would get gas. This was when we were younger and he ran out of gas way too many times. I won’t let that happen to me! Enjoyed reading your answers and have a great weekend.

    1. Deborah – I am great with keeping my keys in the same spot at home, but work, not so much…. as for the gas, I never had an issue. But I know if I did, my whole feeling about filling up would change 🙂

  7. I’m always leaving my keys somewhere, too! And…I do the same thing…run my gas tank down to the fumes before I get gas. Love your answer to #4. That would be a bad place to meet someone!

    1. Denise – I think a lot of us girls wait until we are down to fumes… my friend & I were once talking about this and making our husbands cringe…

  8. I rarely ever fill up my car. It has to be done just right…nice and slow, so no bubbles, or air, or I don’t know….speck of dirt gets in the tank. It’s so nice being married to a Left Brain sometimes. have at er hon.

    I have a convenient hook gadget right inside the door. Keys and sunglasses immediately are placed upon entry.
    If only the kids had such an easy spot! LOL

  9. I’m with you on stopping to get gas when the tank is near empty. I always start saying I need to stop when I get to a quarter tank, but for some reason I never do until the gas light comes on. Grrr….. always running around somewhere!

    1. Karen – I always do the same thing… I say to myself, I should get gas now, but then I realize I am late and figure I have time left…

  10. My car keys always go on the counter near the door so my husband can move it or whatever he needs to do with my car. I also hate driving, so if we take my car someplace together, he drives. But if I throw them n my tote bag, which I sometimes do, they are lost, totally lost! LOL

    1. nani – I love to drive, but when I am with Marc he always drives.. your tote bag sounds like my bags… stuff goes in there to never be found again…

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