Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop – Week 29

Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop – Week 29

Welcome to the 29th weekly Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Blog Hop!

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Each week, I plan on listing four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me at feelingbeachie@gmail.com. If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! This week’s co-host is Brenda Youngerman, from ficton with a purpose.  She came up with the last statements.

I REALLY can use some co-hosts… So PLEASE email some statements….

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This week’s statements:

1. When I was little, all I wanted was a _____

2. I always want to love to ____ but no matter how hard I try, I don’t.

3. The ___________________ of it all was that ______________________

4. The mist around the mountains makes me


My Answers:

1. When I was little, all I wanted was a dog. But, I had really bad allergies, although not to dogs. My doctor told my mom not to get one, in case I became allergic… She listened. But, when I was around 18 we finally got one…. And yes, I ultimately did become allergic, but having her was worth the sneezes!

2. I always want to love to run but no matter how hard I try, I don’t.

3. The short of it all was that this has been a crappy summer.

4. The mist around the mountains makes me realize I am no longer home.

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26 thoughts on “Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop – Week 29

    1. Brenda – thanks! I love that picture too… And you are right.. Home is where the heart is and I always am home 🙂 and that picture was taken at one of our closest friends house, so I was also “home” there too… We could be sisters? As an only child, I love that comment more than you know.. now we just have to meet!

  1. stunning pictures. and you look gorgeous there too! Not many mountains where I am from….home is farmland for me. I love passing a rich green pasture where cows are grazing and horses running. Not that I’d mind a mountain view like this at all.

    1. Rory Bore – thanks so much! I love that picture too (especially the rainbow behind us). There isn’t much farm by me (unless I drive for hours & hours – which I don’t really do). I love farms, and animals. I think I would really love to live on a farm, in a small town. The only thing, I would miss the ocean….

  2. Thanks for hosting, Hilary! I’m sorry I missed last week’s fun. I really appreicated you naming me co-host again, though. I have some more for you, which I will email to you. =D Have an excellent weekend!

  3. Awwww what a gorgeous couple!!! Yay!!

    Oh summer has just been pants, hasn’t it really! LOL!

    Hello too to sweet Alex! take care

    1. Old Kitty – I love that expression… It sure has been a crazy summer…Alex says, “my parents, gorgeous…shesh… I am the gorgeous one!” he also sends hugs to charlie

  4. Hilary—Sorry I had a WordPress snafu this morning when I posted that link!!! I will learn!!!! So the second one is the right one!! So sorry!!! Love the picture of you and Marc!!! Beautiful!!!!! Thanks again for sponsoring this!!!

  5. Love the picture!! The rainbow is gorgeous! When I was in Texas, I happened to look out my hotel room window and catch a glimpse of a small rainbow, it made my day!

    I can relate to your number 1. I am allergic to… cats! And I have 3! And there isn’t a darn thing I can do about it because I love them to pieces!! They climb all over everything and make me sneeze, make my eyes water, my nose stuffy and runny at the same time and I still love them. I love cats I don’t even know. I’m a sucker for furballs.

    1. Jennifer, I love the rainbow too… I am still shocked that my friend was able to capture it in this picture. Usually it doesn’t come out…. You sound like me. I am a sucker for furballs too, and the love you get from them is worth every sneeze!

    1. pam – thanks so much. That picture is one of my favorite ones too! I don’t get running.. It is either something you love or hate. There is no happy medium…

  6. Here from ICLW – I am just now understanding what a blog hop is. I really want to participate, but it seems like a lot on top of all this commenting. Maybe I will participate after ICLW.

  7. TGIF…wow! I am going to send you some ideas for questions; I’ve been thinking about a few.
    Thank you for the fun! I’m looking forward to a Girl’s Night In! Have a great weekend!

    1. McGuffy Ann- Happy Weekend (seems I am always a day late). Please send me some ideas… I would love to have you co-host. Girl’s night in will be a blast!

  8. Hi – Just stopping by to thank you for your kind wishes for both Sweet Pea and Buddy. We miss them terribly, but are so grateful for all our years together. Thanks again for your support! Hope Alex is doing GREAT!

    Pip & Kristin

    1. Pip & Kristin – no thanks needed. You are all in my heart and my thoughts. I know how hard it is…. But, I thought of one thing after reading your comment. It’s kind of amazing that Buddy reappeared when he did, and in the condition he was in, given Sweet Pea’s situation. Maybe he wanted you to know sweat pea wouldn’t be alone….

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