Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop – week 234

Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop – week 234

Okay, you know the deal – Each week, I list four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to me hilary@feelingbeachie.com .

If I use them, I will add you as co-host to the hop! I REALLY NEED STATEMENTS! This week’s co-host is ELLEN from 15 AND MEOWING. She came up with ALL THE statements.


Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. I always make a wish when
  2. Before company arrives, I ____________________.
  3. . I would live __________________ if _________________.
  4. . I speak _____________________ but I wish I could speak ____________

My Answers:

  1. I always make a wish when IT’S MY BIRTHDAY
  2. Before company arrives, I HAVE ALL THE FOOD PREP AND THE WINE READY.
  4. . I speak VERY FAST but I wish I could speak A SECOND LANGUAGE

12 thoughts on “Follow Friday Four Fill in Fun Blog Hop – week 234

  1. Living on a farm is fun! I spent 5 years as a girl on one and it was hard work but so much fun!

    Happy Friday!
    #4 – you and I think alike. I do the same thing.

    1. Ellen – I hear you. I have a friend who is a slow talker.. I love him but sometimes I want to blow my brains out!

  2. I would love to live on a farm. Not farm it but I would love a farm house and barn. I never learned a second language. You know what, we have been going out to eat and having birthday dessert at the restaurants so I haven’t blown out a candle recently for my wishes!!! Have a great weekend.

  3. I grew up on a farm with lots of animals and chores related to the care of the animals. It is a lot of hard work, especially if it is a small family doing all the work, and parents having to both work off the warm too. I do like living in the country though. I think there can be frustration on the part of slow and fast speakers both. The fast have a hard time waiting for the slow to speak up and get to the point, and the slow are waiting for a pause in the other’s conversation so they can speak without having to interrupt. There are both types in our family. 🙂 Hopefully I haven’t offended anyone, because none was intended. It is simply an observation.

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