Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

With not so much as a glance at my husband, Marc, or my cat, Alex, I rushed into the house and made a mad dash for the freezer to grab some ice cubes. “I’ll call you back,” Marc quickly said into the phone. “Something is wrong.”


“I got stung by a bee on my way home,” I tell Marc as he flew into the kitchen.


“Aren’t you allergic?” He asked.


“Yes,” I say as I show him my arm which already swelled up to double its size and had a golf ball sized welt on it.


As soon as I swallowed an antihistamine, he questioned what happened.


“I was driving home, and a bee flew into my car, and landed on my arm, and stung me!”


“While you were driving?” he asked.


“Yes! And, I had to wait until I got to a red light to make sure he was dead. He wasn’t. I had to kill him and get him out of my car.”


“You are the first person I ever heard of who got stung by a bee while driving a car.”


“I guess I am lucky,” I tried to joke.


“But, it is ninety-five degrees out. Why did you have your windows open in the first place? Don’t you have AC?”




Looking at me like I landed from another planet, he continued his questions. “Ok. You have AC, and it is ninety-five degrees outside. So, why did you not use it and have your windows closed.”


Sheepishly I answered, “I had the AC on for part of the trip, but I shut it off as soon as I got off the parkway.”


“Now, I am really confused,” he continued. “Why?”


“I needed gas. When I left my office I forgot to get it. And by the time I remembered it was too late. So I was afraid if I used the air-conditioning the whole way home I would have run out of gas, so I shut it off.”


“Did you get gas?”


“No, I got stung first!”

46 thoughts on “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

    1. Beth Ann – I don’t know why he questioned either.. I thought I was being crystal clear… It took about 2 weeks, but the sting is now gone 🙂

  1. It makes for funny reading, but we’re sure it wasn’t funny at the time! We hope you’re okay now!

    Tell Alex we’re wishing him a happy World Cat Day!

    1. Fuzzy tales – while it wasn’t “funny” at the time, it was kind of funny…. These things happen to me all the time. Alex says thanks and hope you guys had a great world cat day too!

      1. Well, everything except for the being low on gas part. My friend was driving her car, with her arm resting on the open window/door frame … somehow or another, a bee landed on said arm, and stung her when she tried to shake it off.

    1. Brenda – in Marc’s defense, he wouldn’t let me tell him my tale until I took an antihistamine, showered, and had a chance to ice my arm…. But, that part wasn’t as funny as the 3rd degree on my gas situation…. 🙂

        1. Brenda – YEAH! But, don’t worry… He never reads the comments ( I am lucky I get him to read the posts)… OK, well, I am not that lucky I get him to read the posts. I set it up so they get emailed to him daily…UGH!

    1. Darcie – I know… what is it about practicality with them anyway????
      I don’t know you, or Mr. MBA, but I always wait until my car is practically empty before filling up. Marc doesn’t understand this logic one bit….

  2. OMG you poor thing!!!! I am glad you are ok though. This must have been the weekend of the bee sting. We went to a baby naming for my great niece that was held outside at Temple Friday night. My husband and one of my “bonus” daughters and I left earlier than everyone (but it had ended), because I was too hot. Lucky we left. My little 2 yr old great nephew went in some bushes and came running out screaming! He was stung 2 times…the worst part, all of the bees came charging out and stung his Mom, my future son-in-law, my sister-in-law and her husband!

    My husband is dreadfully allergic too so I am so happy I had a sixth sense to get out of there before the attack of the killer bees!

    1. Caren – OMG! that is crazy! How scary… Your little great nephew must have stumbled upon a hive….Given your husband’s situation, you are so lucky you had your 6th sense to leave. I can’t imagine what would have happened. I have been allergic since I was a little kid, and this must have been the 10th time in my life I was stung. Fortunately, I think my allergy decreased a bit, or I took the drugs quick enough, because my reaction was less than in prior years. However, it did take 2 weekes for the sting to fully go away…..but, at least my wrist area only grew to the size of my forearm and not my leg (as it did when I was a kid…)

  3. *ouch*
    What are the odds of that happening? WE are all glad you are OK. I have only been stung once in my life by one of those tiny pesky wasps and I thought I had been shot with an electrical bolt. I never knew what it felt like. That’s what happens when you put your hand into a plant and it has a wasp nest. I only got one sting though.
    Happy World Cat Day Alex!

    1. Abby – *ouch* is right. You nailed what it feels like. I wasn’t stung for years, so I forgot how much it hurts, although, I don’t mind the pain as much as the reaction I get after. it took about 2 weeks for my arm to return to normal.. You are so lucky that you only got stung once.. Usually if you get to a nest the natives go crazy! Alex & I hope you guys had a great world cat day too!

  4. I think the bees are extra active this summer! I have heard of about 5 people who have been stung in the last few weeks!

  5. I think my neighbor got into a car accident after he got stung as he had a severe allergic reaction. Not 100% sure though as this happened quite a few years ago and the story was relayed to my mother via his mother. Guess you are lucky that you only had some swelling and made it home safely.

    1. Silver – how scary. But, i can totally see that happening. I was lucky that I was stopped at a light. But if I was driving, and got stung, and had to get the bee out of my car…. I don’t even want to think about it….

  6. This is definitely one of those situations you look back on and laugh about later…much later… 😉 It makes perfect sense to me, I turn of my A/C if I’m low on gas, too! 😉 Glad you are OK!!

    1. Stacy – I know… While it might not be funny right away, it is funny after…. I am glad my gas logic makes sense to you. One of my BFF’s shares our belief. When we get together and discuss both our husbands shake their head in awe…. 🙂

    1. Delaney – I am fine now.. Thanks! It took about 2 weeks for the sting to go totally away.. but, I laughed over it the entire time 🙂

  7. I’m not a huge fan of bees, even if I’m not allergic to them. Oh yeah, I have a reaction but nothing life threatening or anything. I recall one time, a yellow jacket stung my foot and it didn’t stop with one sting it did it again and again until I could kill that thing. My foot swelled up pretty good from the repeat offender’s attack. Anyhow, I hope you’re doing better today and have your gas tank topped up finally.

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    Your friend,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children’s Author
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    1. Cathy – The scary part is if you have a reaction, you never know if it can be life threatening.. It all depends.. That is why I carry an epi pen just in case… You poor thing… Multiple stings.. UGH! My worst was a wasp was in a shirt that was airing dry. I didn’t know it was there, and it stung me right under my air pit… now, that was pain!

    1. Chloe & Cecil – I try… Ok, maybe I don’t try… These things just really happen to me! 🙂 I am glad I could provide a giggle after a hard day at work… we all need one of those!

    1. Debby – I know… some of our chats are pretty funny… It took about 3 weeks, but finally the sting mark and the swelling went away (and I got to the gas station just in the nick of time) 🙂

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