Feeling Not So Beachie – Part 4

Feeling Not So Beachie – Part 4


I need some help…

I have been on the phone all day trying to get information regarding power and getting the run around.  LIPA is not restoring power in my town unless an electrician certifies that the homes are safe to have power restored.  They have a company they are working with to do this, but the number that LIPA gave out is incorrect. They won’t have the correct number until 3:00.  I have a licensed electrician ready to go to my home (and my neighbors) to inspect the homes.  However, he is hesitant to do this until he knows what their requirements are. In addition, to have this done, we have to leave Marc’s office, go home to meet him, come back here to contact LIPA and fax LIPA the documents.  Given the gas crisis, this is a big issue (not to mention there are check points managed by the national guard to get into my town).  All I need is the information as to what he has to provide them with to get the ball running.  There is another storm hitting today. Due to this we can’t stay home.  Also, with the new storm, if there is no electricity the sump pumps (which have been running on generators after the water was removed) have to be shut off and we will flood again.  There will be more damage.   Electricity is the only way that would help… If we can’t get electricity, so be it – plenty of people are in the same boat.  But if we can, and just aren’t able because I can’t get the information from LIPA  that is a shame. It is also a shame that other people could be helped if they had the information too.  I just tweeted at LIPA.  See below link.  If you can, can you please retweet it so hopefully I could get information and at least try… and ask others to.  I appreciate all your help.  It may not do anything, but at least I feel like I tried….




Love you lots!

5 thoughts on “Feeling Not So Beachie – Part 4

  1. I have no idea what kind of influence a blogger mom from Canada has….but I retweeted too!
    Do you think they will be afraid I might blog about them? 🙂

    keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Oh Hillary, that all sounds so terrible. Wish I could come up there and help you. I have retweeted this and will try to retweet it again tomorrow. I certainly will blog about it too. That is just crazy. I think I will put something on Facebook too. Sending tons of purrs to both you and Marc that things begin to get better.

  3. All I can think, aside from tweeting, is if anyone has media contacts, to relay this onto them, and from there they might be able to interface with the locals…

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