Fairy Tale blog hop

Fairy Tale blog hop

When I was about five years old, one of my mother’s friends gave me the best birthday present ever! It was personalized version of the book Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.  I wish I kept the book, or remembered it better, but somehow the author was able to incorporate ME into the story as a character.  I loved it!  It was so exciting to be part of a real book!

SpritesArtworkOh how I wish my five year old self could see me now!  I am a character again…  This time, I transformed my attempt to convert a commitment phobic man into a doting husband into my book, Dangled Carat.

Dangled-Carat-Hilary-Grossman FINAL
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So, it’s fitting for me to compare the characters of Dangled Carat to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!

Poor Snow White found herself in quite a predicament. She was dumped in the forest and then almost killed by her evil mother.  But thanks to the support, love, and friendship of her seven dwarfs, Snow White found her happy ever after.

In Dangled Carat, I had my own “dwarfs.” Only real life could create this cast of characters! Like Snow White, I don’t know what I would have done with out my “dwarfs.”  Each and everyone of them not only shared in the drama of my relationship, they also actively helped in the attempt to convert Mr. Commitment-Phobic into Mr. Committed…


Bashful – HA!  There are no bashful characters in this story!

Doc – Mr. Commitment-Phobic’s best friend who offered to prescribe something to help him come to his senses.

Grumpy – Mr. Commitment-Phobic’s relative who wanted to make sure I wasn’t looking at the relationship through rose colored glasses. She warned me to move on, so I wouldn’t get hurt.

Brave – Mr. Commitment-Phobic’s friend who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind… EVER.. Her unconventional actions, including throwing us a faux engagement party, helped bring the relationship to it’s inevitable turning point.

Supportive – My mother who was always there for me, no matter what.  Mr. Commitment-Phobic may not have picked up on the hidden meanings of some of her wisecracks but I sure did!

Flirty – Mr. Commitment-Phobic’s childhood friend who made the “selfless” offer offered to be my backup plan husband…

Dopey – Mr. Commitment-Phobic who had trouble recognizing the gem he had…. It’s not surprising, Dopey has always been my favorite dwarf 🙂

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Answer this question in the comments…. What was your favorite childhood birthday present?
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37 thoughts on “Fairy Tale blog hop

  1. I remember how happy you were to be the main character of the long time ago book, but I’m sure not as happy as you are today, being the main character in Dangled Carat.

    1. Loretta – Love it Mom! You are so right… I love being the main character of Danged Carat more, but Snow White was pretty fun too!

  2. My favorite childhood gift was this white bear I got for my birthday one year. Bear Bear is no longer white and has some battle scars but he is still huggable and makes me happy.

    1. Rhonda – a princess dress with matching slippers… Now that is something I’d have loved! I still would 🙂

    1. Katie – Love it! I had a dog like that.. it was the best! If you clapped it would bark and walk. We once had a plumber doing work at the house and he was banging so much the “dog” walked out of the closet. The poor man almost died of shock!

  3. Hi Hilary – My favorite present as a child was a set of Winnie the Pooh books. I loved them so much and read them everyday and as much as possible. I read them to my daughter when she was small (yes, I still have the original set). The characters are so endearing and the stories of friendship are timeless.
    Katherine (Noodles’ Mommy #2)

    1. Noodles / Katherine – you still have the books? That is amazing! I love how you read them to your daughter. I bet she loved them as much as you did!

  4. This is a tricky one. I can’t recall a favorite birthday gift but I can remember a Teddy Bear birthday cake my mother made for my fifth birthday. It was incredible and I loved it so much I didn’t want to have to eat it! If I think back on birthdays, that’s the thing that stands out right away so I guess in some ways that was the greatest birthday gift even though it wasn’t a traditional gift 😀

    Shelly H

    1. Shelly – I love it! I think the teddy bear birthday cake is an awesome gift. I still remember a wonder woman cake I had.. I loved it too!

  5. My favorite childhood birthday present was my cowgirl suit! I have pictures of that and have always thought of it at my birthday time each year!

  6. My favorite gift in my childhood was one I got every year. It was a $10 gift certificate to the nearest used book store. If I used it just right and returned every book I could read for a year. Years later I found out they gave my some of the credit from my brothers who rarely used the whole thing.

    1. Sarah – I love this story! When I was little I couldn’t get enough books! Lucky you your brothers didn’t share the love of reading 🙂

  7. wow that is a hard one i love stuff bears and all most lost my arm to sprider bite and had surgery and then doc told me he might have to cut it off and i told him go ahead and then remember it has have new one with in couple of week my doc said here is 12 year old facing llife surgery and my mom said bs
    and they were able to save it after 10 hr of surgery but have good scar he gave me a bear with heart on and it beats the doc was about 50 at time his son took over the office now

  8. Best? Hmm. When i found my love of reading, my mom gave me all of her favorite books that she had been collecting for years. I had so many, they filled three book shelves. I never came out my bedroom. lol Best gift ever! I was 16. I adored each and every book. I even got my mom back into reading too! lol Thank you!

  9. My favorite present was this doll bed that I really wanted a s child.. I saw it one day in a store window.. It reminded me of a large match box.

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