Dreams really do come true

Dreams really do come true

We barely uttered a word. All that my husband, Marc, said to me was, “we are good. We leave at 8”. Now, I knew what he was referring to. But, Alex the cat, who was sitting next to me in what we have come to call our “recovery room” wasn’t privy to the prior conversations. However, he didn’t have to be. He understood his father loud and clear.


At five to eight, I left the room. I headed downstairs to grab Alex’s travel towels, and prepare my car for the trip, complete with Alex’s travel music, James Taylor, playing on the Ipod. At the same time, Alex went into his litter box and sat there. He wasn’t going to the bathroom. He wasn’t even pretending to go to the bathroom. He was just stubbornly sitting there as if to say, “Dad, I am NOT going anywhere. Take Mommy to the vet! Leave me HERE!”


But, his wish was not our command, and Marc scooped him out of the box. He was clearly afraid to leave the room and head into the car. We can tell he remembered the last trip. However, as soon as Marc started driving, Alex calmed down and settled in comfortably on my lap as we drove him to the hospital where his tail was amputated about ten days ago.


We were supposed to bring him in to have his stiches removed on Monday morning, however, Marc and I weren’t comfortable with doing so and then having to leave for work soon after. In addition, the hospital is an hour away, without traffic; we didn’t like to have to take Alex during rush hour. So, we called on Friday afternoon to see if we could bring him over the weekend.


They don’t schedule appointments on the weekend, as they are only open for emergencies, they told us. However, they advised, if we come really early, and call first, there is a good chance they could do it. But, they warned, we would just have to be prepared to wait. So, that is what we did.


We were lucky. While there was an emergency situation, the vet on call was able to break free for a short time. As he spoke to Marc and me, he swiftly clipped off Alex’s stiches. I was shocked. I expected the procedure to be something more. But, it was so quick and painless. Alex didn’t know anything happened to him, and Marc and I almost missed it too.


The vet assured us that Alex’s tail healed well from the amputation. He told us how great it looked. But, Marc and I knew that. We weren’t concerned about his tail. We were worried about his face. As we pointed the sores around his mouth to the vet, and explained the full timeline of Alex’s illness, the vet examined his face closely. And, then the vet uttered the words, Marc and I were praying for, “I don’t think that it is cancer. Nor, do I want to do any further tests on this cat right now. I think that it is auto-immune or even some acne. Keep using the powder, and give it a little more time.”

About an hour after, we returned home. It was such a relief to Marc and I to see Alex once again roam freely, and cone free, around his house. He was adorable slowly walking into and out of every room. His face had a look of pure joy on it. If he was able to speak, he would have asked, “Really? I can really go wherever I want?”


Thank you so much for all your support and prayers for my boy. Marc, Alex and I couldn’t have made it through these past few weeks without you!


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    1. Fuzzy Tales – thank you so much… Your purrs and universal light were so helpful during this difficult time. Alex & I will be furever thankful!

  1. We are all happy beyond words, we are going to all do the happy dance just for Alex, and Sister Gracie is leading the cheering!!! Such great news!

  2. OMC – that is AWESOME!!!! We are so glad he is cone free, wandering around and got some SERIOUS good news from the vet. Bet the vet walked out of the room having no idea how many people were waiting to hear that news!!!

    1. Random, I am sure the vet had no idea… And, until about 10 days ago, I never would have imagined that so many people would be so worried either.. This blog world is an amazing place. It is so wonderful to see Alex being Alex again!

  3. OUTSTANDING!!! we are furry, furry happy to hear he’s returned to full duty an’ privileges!

    an’ if nocat’s mentioned this befur–anent acne–if alex’s dish is plastic, put it away an’ feed him from glass, ceramic or even metal. we did that, an’ uncle eeker’s (an’ then edmund’s) acne wented away! can’t prove that’s whut did it, but by dang, it sure seems possible given the timing!

    we’re still purrin’ fur ya, alex!! *bonk*

    1. Meowers… THANKS! Alex is loving being Alex again -roaming through the house, playing. It is great to see him free…. No cat mentioned the plastic before, but Alex eats out of ceramic or paper plates in the ceramic, so I think that he is OK with that. I really think that it was caused by him bitting so much at his tumor.. But, we will give it a little time. Thankfully, Marc’s cousin, the vet, arrives thursday night for a visit!

  4. We are SOOO happy for Alex and you … woooo hoooo! And our brofur Max at the Bridge had feline acne a couple of times, but it cleared up in time.
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam, Simon and Momma Jan too

    1. Sabrina, Sam & Simon, thanks you so much. Alex, Marc and I are on top of the world too… It is amazing to have Alex free and happy again. Did max use anything special for his acne?

        1. Sabrina, Sam & Simon… Thanks for checking with your momma… We are using a powder on him that seems to be helping. Worst case, maybe I should try my acne soap on him -he does take after his mom 🙂

  5. Ok I am saying it….I TOLD YOU SO!!! I TOLD YOU SOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I knew it!!

    I will be hanging my shingle over my doorway tomorrow…….


    Soooooooooooo happy, BEYOND BELIEF!!
    Love to all of you!

    1. Caren, when you are right, you are right. I should have listened, but…. I don’t like to get my hopes up… I am dancing with you!!!! Thanks for all your support during this difficult time. You have no idea how much your friendship meant to me…. Hugs from Al & Me…

    1. FL Furkinds – tell your mom she isn’t the only one… My eyes were very leaky too.. I am so happy Alex got good news! Thanks for all your support!

  6. Yahoo Alex!
    This is such great news and we are all so happy to hear it!
    Continue to do well and I bet you will even come to enjoy your “new” tail less look!
    We think you look fabulous!

    Abby purrs

  7. Sweet Baby!!

    I’m sure Alex is soo excited to be able to move about – although he’s probably looking over his shoulder and watching you guys 😉

    Happy for you all that the needs is good!

    1. Donna, he is thrilled (and so are we!!) It is funny, we still shadow him a bit (to make sure he doesn’t bother his mouth or his paw) and he looks at us like “you guys again? Didn’t I have enough of you? Can you give a cat a break?”

    1. Madness, trouble & squish – alex (and we) are so happy that he is free once again. He is loving his freedom, and his stump wags are doing OT. It is amazing to see him hang and go to all his old spots and move his stump the same way he moved his tail. He really doesn’t realize it is missing. I am amazed…

    1. Mr. Pip, Alex and I couldn’t wait to share… Everyone has been so supportive. A year ago I couldn’t imagine having “blog friends” and now, I can’t imagine not…

  8. Just stopping back by to thank you for joining The Train!!

    ….and I meant “news” (not needs)….but I’m sure you figured that out 😉

  9. It’s one thing to have a sick child. Your heart breaks for them, you can sooth them, talk to them, console them. It’s stressful!
    But when a beloved pet is sick, the stress is doubled! Because they can’t communicate really what they’re feeling. Is it pain? Is it itchy? Does it throb?
    And trying to keep them from licking it? It’s just so instinctive to them to lick. It’s there way of soothing it. But they don’t understand that it can cause more damage! So you put the cone on. And they get all indignant. And your heart breaks more! Back and forth to the vets. OMG, by the end of the day you’re so physically AND mentally exhausted! You just wish it would all just end and go away.
    And what a relief when it does! To see the animal feeling better is such a great feeling! The stress level goes down and you’re overall outlook improves on so many levels!
    I am SO happy Alex is on the mend! And he doesn’t seem to worse for wear! They are so adaptable! He knows, too, that you are happy. They’re perceptive creatures! Lots and lots of treats!!
    Breathe Hilary, breathe…in, out…..LOL!

    1. Irene, thanks so much…. It is so hard to have a sick pet, because like a baby, they can’t communicate. I wish I could have reasoned with him, but…. In a way, I am glad that we couldn’t. When we first brought him to the vet, the vet’s reaction was that if the lump wasn’t bothering him, leave it be, as Alex is old. However, Alex must have known something, because he kept on going after the tumor. If not for his lead, the cancer would never have been detected / removed…

      He was a good boy with his cone, yet it still broke my heart…. It was a very rough few weeks, but now, seeing him happy and playful, it is all worth it… He doesn’t even seem to know he is missing a tail. I am trying to breathe and get back to normal. But, I am glad that everything happened the way it did. It helped me hit my reset button and once again see what is truly important… Family and friends…. HUGS

    1. Stacy, thank you so much… He is an amazing guy, and I think that he is more beautiful without his tail…. Everytime I see him wiggle his little stump, my heart swells… Pets are amazing.. they are real members of our family. Since Marc and I don’t have kids, we totally think of alex as our son….

  10. WOOHOO! Go Alex!!! This is the best news ever!!!

    What a great way to start the weekend. We are simply overjoyed for you all! We’ll keep on purring and praying for Alex’s full recovery (and it sounds as though he’s well on his way to one). 🙂

    Purrs and hugs!

    1. meowmeowmans… Thanks guys! Alex is doing well, but sadly we had to cone him again yesterday. He is licking his paw excessively and making it all red and iratated… But, it is just annoying… Not dangerous (fortunately, his cousin the vet, is visiting from out of town and keeping an eye on him)

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